Strongest 1v1 class


Rogues are scissors :scissors:
Warriors are rock :curling_stone:
Hunters paladins priest druids and shamans are paper :page_facing_up:

Warlocks are mushrooms :mushroom:

Paper beats rock. Scissors beat paper. Scissors also happen to beat rock.

Until rock hits 60 and becomes an unstoppable killing machine and also beats paper; and would beat scissors but can’t find scissors because scissors are invisible

So scissors beat paper, and avoid rock

And that is called Balance


But seriously tho the best 1v1 class is obviously an SL lock but I would argue in the open world there’s no real counter to a druid. Even in the CDL, druids are doing extremely well and that’s only in duels. In the open world there’s no boundaries… worst case scenario is you run away and come back 3 mins later and kill them

Javel is a literal God




This is the end of the thread right here. SL Locks are the dominate 1v1 class in this game, hell even none SL locks are ridiculous.


I haven’t had a chance to thoroughly test but I’m pretty sure druids can give them a run for their money

You just need to stay outside of 20 yards and reflect the DC and harass. Yes they are our worst nightmare but ironically I think druids are the only class that could consistently beat them


I don’t believe that. Use engineering and find people that are likeminded and not min-makers and enjoy your class and enjoy the game. If this game makes you hate yourself in any respect please. Stop playing and go seek some help for yourself.

-Undead Rogue.


The strongest 1v1 class is engineering (:


easy to say things like this as undead rogue


this is beyond wrong…stop watching youtube krap streamers and think for yourself.


Depends on whos in that 1v, but Shadow Priests, Locks, Mages rule the world pvp scene.


Rogues arn’t even that good In 1.12.
And yo Undead females do flips and have cool melee animations.

-Undead Rogue.


Lock without a doubt. There’s a reason that one SL lock went undefeated for quite a bit in the Classic Dueler’s League. But i personally kinda find warlocks boring. Next is shadow priest. These are the two most powerful 1v1 classes in classic.


When I’m specced SL, I have never lost to a warrior 1v1. The 40% (not including armor) damage reduction makes warriors hit me like a wet noodle. Granted, SL / NF spec using drain life with minimal damage interruption usually results in having full (or 3/4) of my health at the end of the fight. Now I am fully geared with 4.5k health unbuffed, with roughly 360 SP.


What are you on about dude. Every post you make is literally so far off the mark it is quite funny. " Balance is better " … like what in the … that’s why in CDL (in the 1v1 tourney) snutz and nazgul has 99% win rate while druids have like 35% (and this is with handicapping locks out of healthstones and spellstones).


He’s talking like open world I think, not dueling.


Couple of things wrong and not mentioned.

Rogues are one of the weakest organized pvp classes in 1.12 and after BWL gear they become a little more weaker due to other classes gear scaling and mechanics. Rogue scales well but is SUPER dependant on cds.

Rogue is an opportunistic ganker meaning you’re griefing/trolling people. If i see a rogue stealth near me as a Druid hes 100% not killing me unless he waits a long time for me to return to farming mobs. You’re not that great in a straight up 1v1 fair fight unless you have all of your CDS up. Rogue is NOT a hard counter to lock. Locks literally counter everything in the game if played and geared correctly. They just have to much mitigation and cc. Right now rogues are killing everyone because most people are not geared yet.

NOTHING is as OP as a lock with gear in classic and even half way into BC.
Druids dominate Wpvp if geared correctly. Hunters will also do very well once the class breaking bugs are fixed.

Yes you would get wrecked in cloth if someone catches you out of bear form. There is plenty of Leather spell power gear in BRD and PVP. Later phases will bring even more SP leather gear. But as a druid the only time you’re in cat form is to open to pounce/bleed. You then gain distance put up faerie fire, Moonfire, and Insect swarm and bear form to absorb damage if needed. IF you can get a root off then you can go ham with starfires. Kite and moonfire spam is name of the game.

If you just wanna play something stupid OP then you need to go Lock/Mage/Warrior but keep in mind warrior has to have a lot of gear to do well.

Spriest is broken OP with rank 12 gear.

IF you manage to kill a Spriest and I assume you have a friend or 2 to have done it then they can absolutely be camped. A spriest literally has to drink after every pvp encounter and every single time they rez and buff. Camping a Spriest is easy, Killing a Spriest however is an entirely different story.

A well played and geared Spriest poops on everyone. Shaman does have the best chance at killing them though.

I play those specs so I’m going to disagree with you. Don’t tell someone they’re flat out wrong without giving your opinion. It makes you look LOW IQ.
What spec would you suggest for Druid because 1/29/21 is considered THE best all around druid spec for WPVP by all the best druids.
24/0/27 is played by sodapoppin and he beats a lot of rank 1s with it.
11/11/29 is a popular spec considered very strong by tons of druids.

Where’s your input guy?


No class in Classic has more survivability than a paladin. Nothing can remove your bubble nor stop your hearthstone.


I wouldn’t consider hearthing survivability in a pvp fight. That just means the class is so weak he has to bubble/hearth to avoid pvp completely.

Ret is busted OP right now with HOJ bug abuse. Ret has always been strong in pvp though. People just didn’t know how to play them in classic back then.

When BC comes out Rets are going to be ruining peoples lives.


If you can’t kill me then I’m obviously surviving?


As someone who’s been partaking in wpvp heavily the last few weeks, depending on the server, you will not likely find many true “1v1s” in open world pvp. The first week it wasnt too bad finding some even battles but now if your not running in an optimized 5 man your just going to get farmed. That being said, SL warlocks have great survivability. I usually get targeted by the opposing team when we engage in a fight and I am able to tank 1-2 players until everyone is dead.