Strongest 1v1 class


Why? Those days are right now as that private server data was based on this patch mostly.

Just run BRD get all that blue Spell power gear and start laying the smack down.

The rank 10-12 pvp blues are REALLY good for hybrid druids


Rank 10-12 pvp blue for Spriest take them from just “one” of the gods to THE GOD though.

Its gunna get nasty until naxx gear where things even up a little bit more.


I’m in 5/5 necropile, sash of whispered secrets, ring of spell power, sapphiron drape, and talisman of ephemeral power. The only thing I’m lacking is a choker…I’m kind of a terror in 1v1 :smiley: Can’t imagine with the PvP set…


in classic it’s not very great advice really. You might like feral cat druid. But you will not have a great time and end up hating your class and yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


I just mean that the idea kinda just left me… no one wanted me to play a hybrid Druid and then two of them quit and one hit 60 by the time I hit 40. So I never got my hybrid Druid past level 10. I suppose now that I’m playing solo I kinda regret not playing what I wanted… but is hybrid Druid really better than a lock solo?

Also, isn’t all that spellpower gear cloth? Won’t I get wrecked by melee?


For world PvP? Probably. Unless you get one shot/stun locked, you can leave pretty much any fight you aren’t winning. In a straight up fight to the death, a lock is going to smoke most any other class.


Rogue in Vanilla hands down.
#1 farming nodes.
#1 picking fights

If you want small skirmishes running around as a zerg to kill people, I recommend lock if you like self sustaining classes. If you do play a lock, I recommend playing horde so you don’t deal with the wave of undead rogues that make locks nearly impossible on alliance.

If you are running around in a zerg, play Soul Link. Primary objectives are to CC targets anyway. If you have an ironweave set so you can laugh at their damage as they’ll have more mitigation than plate. Locks also hard counter mages as much as rogues hard counter locks…so keep in mind that most of your disruption and group fighting will involve you making sure the mages do nothing but die.


I suppose the benefit of a Druid is u don’t have to fight. Whereas the lock, if anyone sees you that can kill you, they will?


Once a lock engages, they are committed to fighting or dying (usually). With druid, you have the option to potentially just leave if the fight goes poorly. The benefit to lock is that they are incredibly good 1v1 and that is a huge deterrent in its own right.


As a druid you will be picking almost all your fights, and you know damn well the fights you pick you will win, so there’s that.


Tough call lol

Seems like lock would be a better choice because it’s easier, but if someone does kill you, they can camp you. Whereas a Druid can avoid dying and even if they do, they can get away

(Williams) #32

There is the advantage to Druid, Hunter and SPriest.

You can avoid being camped.


Spriest can be camped.

Druid shouldn’t ever die in the first place.


My enh shaman owns locks, try again ? Purge all demon silliness, grounding totem, fear totem.


Spriests go OOM fighting my shaman

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Depends on their gear my friend.


Shadow Priests melt faces just so you know


I went 45-3 k/d in Felwood the other night solo as 8/12/31 . It’s bonkers if you play patient. Need reflectors to secure kills on priests and locks and if priest is geared just leave it alone. You can oom them but takes forever and likely more horde will show up and ruin your day.

Deaths were to yank squad and one really goOd rogue who caught me in a blind without abolish out of bear. I opened him but he got a huge crit in that kidney

About 10 of the kills were not 60s


paladin are the strongest class between lvl 20 to 40 lol, haha


If you know how to play Ret Pally it could easily be op