Strongest 1v1 class


I can’t wait for TBC to come out so I can be a horde ret pally, however that’s got nothing to do with this.

What is the strongest 1v1 class in classic? I know it’s all Rock Paper Scissors, but if I want to spend my time farming nodes and picking fights with alliance (I prefer small skirmishes to running around as a Zerg killing people). I like self sustaining classes for this reason, which is one reason I love ret in TBC…thoughts?
I’m thinking lock, but I’ve seen lots of vids where warrior charge and 1 shot macro them, etc so I’m not sure.


SL locks. 15k+ effective HP w/ Soul Link, Master Demonologist and 2x voidwalker sac bubbles.

Spriest is a close second, but isn’t as stupidly tanky as SL locks are IMO.


SL lock. Just completely faceroll. Honestly I’m cheesy and would suggest you play something you love. Since with skill some luck and engineering anything can be good in classic. Or just pick a FOTLast 15 years and go lock :wink:

-Undead Rogue.


People 1v1 in classic?

From what I’ve seen it’s usually big groups who corpse camp you and think they are good


If they corpse camped you as a Rogue. They are probably pretty good.

-Undead Rogue.


feral druid hybrids are extremely strong in 1v1 but fear can easily win over skill


Really really geared warriors are quite strong in pvp.


uhhh Feral anything is trash in pvp but Balance/resto hybrid dominates

1/29/21 is meh okay flag running but not great.
24/27 is op
11/11/29 is also really good

I wouldn’t suggest feral you get trucked in kitty and as feral you’re literally just in cat form to open with stun/rake then human to dot then sitting bear.
You can do all that with any other spec just as well no need to waste all them points in feral.




I wouldn’t hold your breath on this.


Yeah but who cares about not dying? Virtually any class can simply run away from an SL lock. Coil fear is the only danger and you can shadow reflector or trinket. Then just dip.

Rogue is the real answer.


Warriors can only kill SL warlocks if they pop literally everything, including their 30-minute cooldown (Recklesness) that guarantees crits. And that is assuming the warrior is Fury and has 40 seconds of fear immunity.


Yea I know there’s a tendency to group gank, but that’s not me and why I mentioned it. I only camp you if you piss me off and that’s in 1v1.

Isn’t 24/27 Balance feral?

Sounds like fun… but every 30 mins lol… a bit long
Does death wish make up for not having MS?


I meant 24/0/27

it’s what a couple of the rank 1 druids run. Get moonglow, then go resto


There was a time where I wanted to be a balance hybrid after stormx… but I think those days have past.


Unless Free Action Potions are involved and the mage is anything but Undead, they get absolutely steamrolled.


So what about a Horde warrior with free action potions? Lol

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Both of these are viable, but Balance druid is better. If you’re also looking to stay at darn near max range and you can manage Hunter is reall freaking good… Trouble is, the areas where people tend to Duel if thats your thing can limit this a bit… Out in the world Hunter and Druid are king.

The only problem with the druid is you cant put a drooling chimp in front of the computer if you want to do well playing a druid.

Also as a criticism of the warlock, while tanky as hell tend to do very low damage allowing “Friends” to show up and ruin your day, where as the S-priest are just insane; so much damage all the time and takes next to zero skill to play it effectively.


The hard part about Spriest is the mana management. Once you are oom, you might as well /dance and go make a sandwich.

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LOL yeah or wait for em to kill ya… or die to to DoT’s trying LOL.