Stress Tester Access to the Beta Forums

Does anyone know if Stress Testers are able to post in the Development Beta forums?
I participated in this past Stress Test, but I don’t seem to have posting access to the forum section. Is this as-intended?

It strikes me as being kind of weird if this were the case. I don’t know where else to submit bug tickets in regards to the Stress Test.

It’s kind of obvious isn’t it?

Beta forums…

Stress test…

So let me pose a follow up question.
Where do bug reports go for the Stress Test?

It’s a stress test U don’t have to report bugs.

Just like you don’t have to report bugs for the live game.

It just happens to be generally good practice, and improves the quality of the product for everyone.

Yes but the live game isn’t running a seperate server with people in it doing the exact thing u want to do.

And who’s to say they don’t already have a or 100 of other reports reporting the same thing u want to report.

That’s really not a productive view point on the matter. There’s nothing to say that the bug hasn’t been reported, either.

Each iteration of the game likely goes through rigorous internal testing and QA. Despite this, bugs still happen. It’s a natural consequence of software engineering, especially when the software is so large in scope and complexity.

Bugs should be put into the right pipelines, regardless of how or why or when they are caught.
I’m certain that Blizzard has their own internal issue tracker where they triage, prioritize, and link bugs.
Closing a bug a Duplicate, Invalid, or Out of Scope is always better than not addressing it in the first place.

Either way, this has become entirely tangential to the initial question.

You can add any bugs you found here as well.

U could report them in the first stress test the same way u could in the beta, in the 2nd they removed it.

Only people from the first stress test apparently accidentally got access and it hasn’t been revoked.