Streamers are currently justifying exploit

Because a company I give money to better enforce its EULA and have integrity for me to continue doing so.


He’s not though…

When he is casting an arena tourney then he is representing the game in an official capacity. When he is streaming, on his own time, he is just an individual consumer just like any other player or streamer.

Yes, of course. Because to be doing that he would be breaking the rules while “on duty” so to speak. If Ven was talking about how this should be allowed during a tourney, while he was being paid to cast, it’d be a different story.

To clarify, I am not defending exploiting, and I definitely think him and every other person who use it should have their gold and loot rolled back and at least be temporarily banned. If not permanently in some cases. But taking a video game exploit and using that to fire him from his job as an e-sports caster, in a totally different version of the game, would be pretty insane IMO.

If a GM knows about an issue, goes home, and gives all his friends free drops when he’s not on the clock do you consider this ok?

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Exploited to get rivendare mount i bet


Evidence points to the contrary. There has yet to be a big ban of cheaters or exploiters in Classic? Yet there have been numerous violations of the ToS by these exploiters?

@ Greymantle

I haven’t cheated in WoW nor will I ever, so I will definitely cast the first stone!

Ban the cheaters accounts, without distinction as to who they are. If they actively abused an exploit, or cheated, ban their account. Period. As a bonus, if it’s a streamer make sure you do it to them while streaming to set a good example of them. They already set bad examples by streaming them exploiting (HELLO EVIDENCE TO ENFORCE BANNING!) and that needs to be rectified with their audience, who might very well think it’s ok to use this exploit since their favoured streamer can currently do it with impunity.

What they do might not directly affect me now, but if players start leaving, that definitely affects me. It’s the principle of the matter. They cheated, they should be punished.


It damages the integrity of the game.


This is a Giant publicity stunt, letting streamers get geared AF, creating unrealistic expectations for people actually playing the legit game. I think the exploits were there for them to use to get an advantage and glorify the game. That’s why they aren’t being punished.

That’s still a bad analogy.

Because for that to be possible he is still abusing his power as a GM. He is taking the responsibility that Bizz gave him and using it for his own profit. Without that job, without that power that Blizz gave him, he couldn’t possibly do it.

That is not at all what is happening with Ven… he was a very popular streamer before he ever started casting, in fact most would argue that is why he got the job to begin with. There is nothing about him working as a caster for arena tourneys that is making this exploit possible. Obviously since it’s not just Blizzcon casters who are doing it.

Again to clarify. I don’t think this is OK, ban him, I’m all for that. But firing him as an e-sports caster for exploiting a Classic bug would be quite an overreaction.

were both of those streaming the exploit ? I would so love to see at least venruki banned.


What are your thoughts on Antonio Brown? How about Bill Cosby?

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30 day ban minimum, that’s what happened for the XP potion debacle on retail. But this raid ezploit is honestly way way worse. Probably should slap the streamers that showcased the exploit the hardest lol, publicizing stuff like that has always PO’d Blizzard.


LOL very popular??? That is a bit of an over statement.

Leveling up in a game that doesnt prioritize leveling? Meh, 30 day ban, whatever.

Exploiting the game that depends on gear, gold and resources in order to make it legit? Silence…so far.

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Lmfao… are you actually comparing exploiting a bug in a video game to actual rape!?

Jesus christ

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I mean it would probably be tough for him to be a popular streamer for a game he’s been banned from.

Sounds like the job as a caster was a perk of that in the first place from how you’re framing it imo

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Funny how Rich couldn’t play the " I was just an individual consumer on my own stream" card to keep his job.

This reminded me of a pizza chain that was around when I was growing up. Peter Piper Pizza. Anyone remember that? Now I need to look it up and find out whatever happened to them.

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I am trying to make a point that what one does in ones private life most certainly impacts their public and work life.

Any thoughts on papa john?

Why do so many not realize that this is a (virtual) society and what others are doing, does affect you? And I’m not just talking “economy” or “getting wrecked in PVP by ill-gotten gains.”

When these streamer clowns do this stuff and encourage their legions of troll fan boys to do the same, that’s a huge impact on the culture and community. These are people who have never played the original game, don’t understand the original game, don’t know how to play the game, and are contemptuous towards the way the game is intended to be played.

Remember, it was a streamer who encouraged people to ninja everything, and started the “everyone needs on BOE’s” myth. It was streamers who popularized the “AOE farm / rush through all the content / muh xp per hour” approach to the game. It was streamers who used and thus taught many others to use layer exploits. It was streamers who started the 10-man raids on SM (before that was also fixed, and for which no one was punished).

They are a cancer. We would all be better off without the lot of them.