Strange Queue Behavior?

Just a question - Does the Queue remember your spot in line when disconnected? If so what is the cut off for that feature?

My partner and I have been queuing for hours - we both got disconnected and when our Internet came back we re-queued. We both got put back in at 7000~ but my account was then bumped up to my original place to 3000~ and there account was left at the back of the line. Any ideas why? We logged back in at the same time, but we expected it was a long enough disconnect to both be at the back of the line but why only them?

It is supposed to, but there have been several people reporting that they are getting DCed, jump right back in, but are stuck in queue. It is supposed to have a grace period where it puts you back in where you were.

I would gather it is a bug.

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I’ll report tonight I closed game for just a couple minutes to update Addons and got put in the queue of 7k+, it was a max of like 4 minutes out of game

Closing the game is different to a disconnect the server actually gets a close request for the connection and so no leeway is given.

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you sure ive done it before many times

I’ve been getting the “Your computer is out of date” message (graphics driver) In fact, I’m using the newest AMD adrenalin 22.9.2 drivers (might need to update your log in query)

This is different than the op experienced, and would be worth following up with the tech support forum. I’m not sure what drivers the launcher references.