Stormwind Defense

Great wpvp today in Stormwind! Its great seeing the Pride of the Alliance, Conclave of Cool, Kill Order, Diversus, Salty Sea Doggos, RBG Raiders, Obsidian Syndicate and The Guard all grouping up for large scale wpvp!

WSB is on notice now!


Incredible display of teamwork under the leadership of Valduren!


Very impressive guys.


See you next time.


That was a lot of fun. Thank you to those on both sidies.

Hopefully those of us on The Alliance can put aside our differences and all of our players can keep working together in the future to create these battles.


It was a lot of fun, this kind of thing is the reason I transferred over to ED a month ago. Look forward to more for sure!


“A more psychological definition of gaslighting is an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information and/or providing false information”

its humorous to watch the guard gaslight the wpvp event lol i mean i dont really care USA brought 15 people, we provided top heals and nearly top damage, but apparently we were never there.

its humorous to watch the guard scurry quickly to the forums to post about this event so they could gaslight USA when i had to scroll down so far to find their damage not to mention their non existent healing that they provided.

whats the most humorous out of all of this, though, is when the guard tracked 3 of my guildies to gurubashi (cuz of obsession) to 7v3 them when they were at 50% hp not even expecting to get ambushed then were ran down like livestock in a 10v7 shortly after.

bravo! i love the performance!

Good vibes, teamwork from everyone, and great RL from Valduren!

For the Alliance!


Calm down big guy! I didn’t see any USA there besides you!

Thank you USA for your assistance in defeating WSB, a whole of Alliance response was great, unsure why you’re so angry about a clerical error?

In regards to Gurubashi, based and I 2v4’d you guys and you waited until our RBGs was over, for over 25 minutes waiting for us due to anger haha. I’m glad PVP happened, it’s unfortunate you brought 20 people to kill maybe 3-4 guards but it happens we aren’t upset.

We would like to wargame though! You had the numbers that night but still refused!

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That was exciting, hope to see more stuff like this happen.

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yeah the event was fun and youre always welcome to observe the next one as you did with yesterday’s event. i know how the guard likes to watch :wink:

as for wargames yeah let’s do it. let’s bring as many as we can and make it an even fight. surely if 2 guards can take on 20 from USA then it should be no problem

He was top heals in your raid lmao. Where were you on the charts… or were you flying above watching as always :eyes:


Who said we can 2v20? That’s ridiculous! We definitely 2v4d you though.

I’m glad you accept the war games! Let me know when you’re ready! We’ll even let you choose the map :blush:

FYI: He’s going to say he wants an open wpvp event where he can bring WSB reinforcements or duck out of the RBG war games all together.

I’m unsure how you happened to turn a positive post about turning around WPVP on the alliance side into an all about you rage fest because we gkicked you, like give it up dude.


As far as I can tell it’s all he ever does.

Pretty sure he’s the only reason I’ve ever had problems with Guard.

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yeah whatever keep talking thats all yall are ever good for. we’re going to wargame the guard and we’re going to win easily. whenever you are serious about getting trained hmu in dms cuz this publicity stunt is pathetic, typical bully behavior to gaslight someone in public when you’re scared lmao man up or shut up

Do you read your own posts? You literally attacked me for boasting about the alliance WPVP victory, I didn’t see any USA besides you there, but corrected the post to include you and you taunt me and accuse me of gas lighting you? Lolwat?

There’s only one publicity stunt here, it isn’t me though.

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It’s unfortunate you’ve turned a post about the Alliance coming together as a team into a negative, but since we haven’t been able to lock you down on a wargame, let’s say next Wednesday at 7 PM server?


we can talk about it in dms

theres the dodge ^

USA vs The Guard wargame set for Wednesday, August 31st at 7 PM CT. We will be streaming it in our Discord for anyone who wants to watch, just add me on Discord for an invite. Basedgodbm#7164