Storming the battlefield

Not getting proper quest credit for winning an epic battleground. Pvp expedition credit and normal bg credit are going through. Not in a raid group for queueing.


Same here, i really hate doing BGs and it did not count, this is ridiculous!

Small update I requested a ticket and they responded quickly saying that there are multiple reports and it is being looked into. No ETA on a fix and customer support cannot issue you quest credit unfortunately.

That is complete BS, i don’t know if i’m going to renew my sub, this is not an indie game to have so many bugs.

Guildy didnt get credit for island PVP
I didn’t get credit for normal battle ground. FeelsBadMan

Same here, won an epic BG and did not get the credit.

Same, won a Alterac, no credit.

Same thing happened to me! Won an epic BG and didn’t get credit for the quest.

Yep just won a normal bg and didn’t receive any credit for it

yea i didnt get credit either and now when i queue i cant seem to get into another epic bg in hopes of getting another win to complete it

Anyone do it successfully yet?

Tried and won my 4th epic bg and finally got credit.

Same first Epic win did not count, and now I am noticing that my off specs did not unlock with this achievement.

Same here. So i grinded island expeditions hoping that one of the wins would eventually give me credit and i could move forward. After a failed night of that, i abandoned the quest and then started again only this time I’m not getting credit for the Battleground, the epic battle ground , or the island Expedition. OoPS.
Eventually theyll have to fix it right? It’s been awhile. I haven’t even tried it on my alts yet

Same…completed but no Credit!!!

Still same here. Won the Island Expedition, but got no credit.

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same here, for the island one. wtf blizz… response overdue

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Still bugged in mid August…

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Still bugged in October…

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Same. So annoying! Bug after bug after bug!

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