Stop with the Family Battler achievements!

(Vespero) #1

These things are and always have been the worst! Stop adding more!!

(Loncis) #2

As long as the rewards include a free pet, they can add all the Family Achievements they want to.

I appreciate the fact that you don’t like them, but I do. Because it’s one of the few things that make me feel like I’m working toward something.

Too many things are RNG dependent in this expansion. If I get a pet during Island Expeditions, it’s not because I earned it. It’s because I was lucky. But this achievement is actually an achievement in every sense of the term. I accomplished something to get this pet reward. I earned it.


I’m with Loncis, I enjoy the family achievement lines.

Its particularly nice since they introduced the achievement and changed the BFA tamers so you can fight them whenever and repeatedly. Being able to do this without having to wait for a specific WQ to pop, and without toon hopping, makes it much less frustrating.

(Vespero) #4

That’s the one thing I DON’T want them to do because at least if it didn’t reward a pet, I could skip it.

The fact that these are now a recurring thing is just one of the reasons that whoever has been designing pet content since Legion has just…sucked.

By the end of WoD I had every in-game pet collect, and I pretty much enjoyed all of it.

Then Legion comes around and all of a sudden it’s “Here’s a pet that costs a million gold. Here’s a pet that requires you to do the raiding meta achievement for this patch. Here’s a bunch of pets you can only get with a character from a specific class at max level. Here’s some pets you only get by doing 150 or so battles with VERY specific teams of pets.”

Now BFA added the damn “Here’s THIRTY pets that only drop extremely rarely from the most boring repetitive content in the game.” And now the 150 specific pets battles thing is back, AGAIN.

I used to LOVE catchin’ 'em all. And the last two expansions have sucked ALL of the fun out of it. They’ve made it into an absolutely miserable experience.

Except that that’s actually a bad thing, because in order to do that, they’ve gotten rid of all the pet xp from those fights. So I WAS enjoying checking the pet dailies each day, grabbing the pet charm ones, and leveling up my various new pets in the process. Now, they’ve taken that away, and given me another huge chore to do in exchange.

(Loncis) #5

I agree with some of your complaints. I think the million gold pet is a terrible idea, and I agree that IE’s are absolutely terrible and the pet drops too infrequent.

By the way, you left out pet dungeons. Do you like those? I do. I used my first piece of currency to buy the Engineering schematic, so I can make a whole bunch of those mechanical spider pets for my guildies who collect pets.

I like the Family meta achievement, because for once, unlike the other complaints you had about the other pets, this pet is not RNG dependent. It’s something you’ll eventually earn.

And it’s something I’m working toward, as opposed to praying feverishly to the RNG gods to please smile on me.

Yes, there’s 150 pet battles you’ll have to win, but what’s your hurry? You have all expansion to get this done. And there’s a challenge involved. You’ve already beaten all the pet tamers in BfA, now you have to beat them using pets from the same family.


I like them, actually. So long as Blizzard keeps making so you don’t have to wait for certain pet battle world quests to be up (and this time around, they didn’t), I think it’s a fun diversion.

(Vespero) #7

I do actually. Especially the 2nd one where they went with a currency system instead of RNG for the rewards, so I knew exactly how many times I’d have to run it to be done with it.

I have to spend all my time in IE’s trying to get the OTHER pets!


You make it sound like you won’t have time.

(Neall) #9

I hear your complaint and these achieves can be a grind. But, if you have all the pets up through WoD, Xu-fu’s guide (and I’m sure there are other resources) makes the achievements super easy to earn over time or all in one go, if you can battle the same tamer more than once and when their world quest isn’t up (I haven’t noticed this implemented - wasn’t it supposed to come with 8.1?). I haven’t run into it yet with these achievements, but the Argus Family Battles had a lot of RNG to them and seemed to require a lot of specific breed pets. I did grind out the Argus family stuff over one 12 hour session including 150 pet bandages - would not recommend. Some people like to create their own strategies for each and I respect that.

(Dyngdawng) #10

On the bright side, you can now do them at your leisure, AND you dont have the terrible spells that the argus battles had with the huge nukes, annoying pet swaps, and general crazy RNG annoyances with some fights. It’s like the best parts of the two legion metas.

A grind for sure but much improved imo.

(Maizou) #11

I enjoy them as long as they aren’t extremely timegated like the Legion one was when they first added it.

By making the trainers available all the time like they did with this patch (or the beasts on Argus), I find them okay.


I like the meta alot. In a sense it makes pet battles more meaningful than a lot of other content.

But I can see by the way you spoke about dungeons you might care more about having everything than the actual activities required to collect them

(Saaka) #13

Just adding in that I mostly enjoy the meta for these as well, can be fun to do the pet battles in different ways than I normally would. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t quite so many trainers or we didn’t have quite as many pet families but it’s something to do late at night when I have nothing else going on and don’t feel like grinding islands.

(Vespero) #14

I might not mind them so much if they at least gave you a pet for each specific pet family. If the pet was of that family, it would even fit thematically.

One pet at the end is too much effort for one pet…

(Maizou) #15

I think it’d be neat if each achievement (beat 15 tamers with aquatic pets, etc.) awarded a “Grant 25 levels to an Aquatic Pet” stone.

A pet for each achievement is too much, but I think giving us a +25 level stone for each family would be nice to reward people who take the time to do essentially 180 pet battles (not counting failures).

(Quintessence) #16

Sign me up for this idea, but please Blizzard, for the love of the inventory gods, if this becomes a thing…make those stones BoA.

I might not need every single one right away, so I’d like to store the battlestones on a toon with more space or a banker alt. Plus what if I complete each part of the meta on a different toon? That’s a lot of spread out family-specific lvl 25 stones to keep track of.

(Hodor) #17

I really love these achievements as both a pet collector, and an achievement nut. I very much enjoy figuring out the best teams for these myself.

(Vespero) #18

It’s really not. They’ve given out pets for way less effort than that.

(Loncis) #19

You might have a point there. Teroclaw Hatchling comes to mind. (Can you click on a nest?) The hardest part about acquiring Terky is finding the underwater cave. To say nothing of the pets you buy in the cities, like Warbot.

That said, I personally think a pet for each family is too much. Although I think the end pet should be something very special.

(Saaka) #20

I’m still waiting for a lil’ Archimonde and lil" Kil’Jaeden (hint hint).

That being said, the pvp pet battler achievements were way more time consuming. I think it took me around 300 battles to finish those and there you have people that just sit there for their entire turn doing nothing to drag it out or you get instantly destroyed by a meta team. BfA meta is only 150 battles I think (15 tamers, 10 families?) so not the worst.