Stop with the Family Battler achievements!

(Cowpow) #21

I like the family achievements. Adds spice to it. All of the OP’s other grievances I agree 100% with. Plus a whole lot more.

Decided to solo my way to Lagan a few weeks ago, the buff wasn’t resetting like it should have, and then I researched and saw that you have to be in a party of five to get it. Seriously? It’s old content. It should be soloable.

I came into this expansion at honor level 183 and have gone up a whole 14 levels the first four months of this expansion, so I won’t be hitting honor level 400 until about five expansions from now.

That horrible post office nonsense was more of a practical joke than content.

Changing the currency, on us, making the old currency useless, and then hiding rep pets behind the new currency.

I could keep going…

(Symbioserous) #22

I enjoyed this achievement.

I used;

  • triple cheese teams
  • xufu teams
  • made it up on the spot teams
  • that took ages to work out teams

I also contributed some strats to xufu, but then took a few of them down cause bad ratings.

Over all wasted a lot of time completing and just experimenting with this achievement. Was fun, way more fun than the legion equivalent. Though I had to rush that one before my sub expired.

Kind of dont know what to do, now I finished with it.

(Loncis) #23

Well, if you want help, I don’t mind. My most powerful Horde toon is only 114 though. It would give me a chance to get Lagan, too.

(Amayita) #24

I only take the ratings somewhat seriously. People will downrate you for some silly reasons on solid strats. In fact, for some of the fights like Not So Bad Down Here, I ignore the ratings altogether. I’ll check on what the comments are saying, and test suggestions, of course, but the stars? shrugs

If you have a good strat it’ll come out in the wash, and all you have to keep in mind is that you can’t make everyone happy, heh.

(Dyngdawng) #25

I would help too. I have a 120 DH on horde or 120 pally on alliance, can tank or dps on either. Could prob get some help on the horde side from guild (old alliance guild died)

Would have to be after the holidays though, things a bit crazy atm.

(Vespero) #26

Amen to that. I didn’t get it early on, and it basically became impossible to find a group for it, so I figured I’d just solo it next xpac, only to find they made it impossible to do that.

(Vertigineux) #27

I don’t like them, BUT… I do like when our targets stay up all the time and I can chip away at them as I get the urges to do so.

(Loncis) #28

My Warlock is now 120. After using it on BGs, I wish I have leveled my Mage instead. But if you want help, I certainly would go. Although I only just dinged 120 today, so my gear isn’t good.


These achievements are generally great. The Argus achievements were awesome because they are really hard, and I needed to go out and work at it. I’d say the only problem with this family battler one is that it’s too easy - I would only finish it to just check the box.

(Zivi) #30

So just because you think they’re the worst, they should stop them all together? There are plenty of us that enjoy them, like doing them or don’t mind them.

I think they need to add more.

(Cowpow) #31

Thanks for the offer Loncis. I appreciate it. It’s not worth all of the trouble of setting up a 5-man cross-realm group just to get it. The chances of there being five of us on at the same time who care enough about this to do it would be slim to none.

Is there some type pet battle community that all of you guys are in? That would probably be the best way we could set something up.

(Loncis) #32

I believe Discord has a channel for pet collectors. I don’t know, as I don’t belong to it.

(Amayita) #33

There are a few in Discord. I think Warcraft Pets has one, (I don’t know for sure, I’m not on it), Xu-Fu’s has one, and the WoW Secret Finder has a Battle Pet text channel.

(Neall) #34

Warcraft Pets Discord:

WoW Secret Finding Discord (Does Have a battle-pets Collectors Corner Channel:

Xu-Fu’s Pet Guides Discord (Didn’t know this existed until now):

(Creeks) #35

I have been just chipping away at the Family Battler achievements as I visit the tamers for world quests.
It’s pretty easy to make good progress by making one-type teams.


I havent tried the BFA version yet but the Legion version was awesome! It was hard and took a lot of attempts and little bit of time to prepare. I might take a try at it next week. But no, I dont agree. Keep them in game, I enjoy them.

(Ravenbella) #37

BFA seemed much easier than Legion. I happen to enjoy these. The pvp battles, not so much :frowning:

(Vespero) #38

The pvp ones super suck. I basically been doing one family each Pet Battle Week, and sometimes, it takes me 50+ battles to get to 10 wins.

(Pouljikhan) #39

They are admittedly not my favorite achievements, but they aren’t a big deal either. The biggest problem I have with them is that they didn’t get released until 8.1. They are a grind over time achievement where the first 3 months of grinding them doesn’t count.