Stop speaking on sv

Genuinely speaking, some of my favorite posters are ones I often disagree with. I think you can have civil discussion and disagreement.

I think having different perspectives is important.

I don’t think that’s really a fair comparison. If I’m out at a bar (which to be frank, I’m usually not haha) or outside, I’m usually minding my own business or enjoying my time with friends. Perhaps if someone is attracting a bunch of attention or I think of something witty I could interject with, I might join in if I’m in the mood to do so. That’s actually part of the appeal for a lot of people with the bar example, which is meeting and chatting with people who may be total strangers.

This however is a public forum meant for discourse on various topics. When you post, it’s expected that others will interject with their own thoughts. That can vary from threads where players are asking for advice, discussion posts about the game, etc. It’s the norm to chat with people. I don’t think there’s anything rude about that, the setting encourages it by design.

I genuinely enjoy reading posts by players like Mawthorne for instance. While I think we have plenty of things we may not agree on, I think he is calm and often rational in his thought process, even if I may disagree with his conclusion.


First it’s not misinformation it was meant as joke to person who created a post.

Second I didn’t call anything you said stupid so be polite and to use stupid word. You my reconsider your words please.

I don’t have to create my own forums, when I create a post I expect people to respond, when I talk to someone I don’t expect unwanted people to interfere in conversation, in this case you feel free to comment but again it’s multiplied by 0

Old IT joke the fastest way to get an answer on a Tech forum is post the question under one account then post post the wrong answer answer under another, and you’re have 10 people in no time posting the right one. (just posting the question it will sit there for ages).


“joke” huh … well if it was a joke then you should not be offended by it being called stupid right?

2nd it’s still public and you didn’t quote anyone in your 2 MM button post so there is that also that left yourself wide opened.

(also not seeing only the OP respond just certain people which is just silly on a public forum + maybe I’m on his list too now :slight_smile: guessing that the cool kids list)

Right ……….

Doh!!! remember this thread and a certain poster (check the guild)


… Holy crap.


Yeah, now that you mention it…


I didnt see the op asking you anything, so why are you posting in his thread? Thats like busting through his front door uninvited!

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Am I missing something obvious here?

Translation : I only want to hear from my personal echo chamber


In other words you do that somewhere else in real life ofc , and someone will break your schnauze

This is us forum , so you have to tell specific people shut up right from get go. Other people will point my mistakes , but from certain people I don’t wanna hear anything. I wish I could ignore them somehow. But sadly you can’t. You still hear their voice on the other table :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

EU forums are way less toxic especially huntards forums.

P.S never mind ignore actually works. It hides their comments so there you go. Now they are just ashtrays outside the bar that you don’t even see :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Well pup the difference is this isn’t the other table . Where to be honest I would actually be polite and say excuse me first if I was to say something to them . This however is a forum where the only curtesy afforded to us is the fact that Blizz won’t let us call each other by George Carlin’s 7 dirty words . Other then that it is a free for all.

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True and I can’t stop them from saying anything. You’re absolutely rights. It’s just better to ignore them.

You know that experience when you have a coworker who is smart , but contradicts to everything what you say , and tries to correct you on everything? You just avoid him , talk to him when absolutely necessary. Same here , only it’s never necessary to talk to them :joy::joy::joy::joy:

To be honest I am one of those people in support of a 4th spec because I remember for at least 2.5 expansions Rsurv being actually a good raid spec and in some actually out performing MM .

I know from experience that neither RSurv and MM played the same . Using bows and guns is not the same .

That would be like telling rogues that they are making Outlaw spec ranged because it is the same as assassination and if you want to play stabby stabby you can play the other 2 specs . Or changing a lock or mage spec to melee.

To be honest I am having fun in TBCC doing an old school surv hunter where the focus is on the range weapon but has the utility of the melee to help get back into range.

That is what BLizz should of done is taken it back to where it was range offensive /melee defensive.


Allot of people on US forums ask for it. But it’s mostly US forums and thnx god US is not majority. But even if they add 4th spec melee SV would be ignored even more. Will see what future brings. Blizzard has its own ways. I was sometimes happy with changes sometimes not, but I keep going. I was sad when ranged SV was gone , I loved it with passion, but I adopted to melee SV and same I love it with passion.

I think not everyone loves a class with passion. For me Arms, Arcane,Disc, and Survival are go to specs no matter what they do with them. And I play with them 99% of the time , I’m not type of person who plays meta or best performing spec from expansion to expansion. 80% of these hunters where BM in BFA now they are all MM

Thing is I tried Msurv in legion and did not like it . I was hoping to but in reality like the majority ,we chose hunter to be ranged .

Ey like o said not everyone likes same thing. I don’t understand why we need demon hunters but they are in game, or why BM can perform 100% damage regardless of mechanics.

I didn’t like it at beginning as well. Then I gave it a try as orc first. I was alliance back then. And when I was leveling I started to get into it more and more. And realized potential in pvp. I’m not now 2K rated or something but i have fun when I do content

This was more like telling others at the table to shut up and not to speak, like he owns the table (IMO the point when polite went out the window).


Dude in that thread was posting from a warrior character of theirs, talking about SV. From their posts, they made it sound like they were super amazing, etc, and that many just don’t understand how to play it / how it can be so good.

Bepples being, well. Bepples. Did some sleuthing and showed they were pretty much lying about everything they said and were using alts to try and make their arguments seem better.

Ultimately, I think their posts were more harmful than good since regardless of opinions about the spec, you shouldn’t feel the need to lie to justify it and actively serves as disinformation in what is already a really contentious topic.

Just judging by the guild and achievement points which are almost exactly the same as the warrior from last month, I’m thinking Allyan is the same person as Mavailo.

Edit: Not sure why Deflux’s post changed so it isn’t linked to the comment chain any more. If you want, I can find the posts in question for you.