Stop rushing content releases

ZA is an actual joke of a raid and I’m happy this phase isn’t going to last long.

Bring on Sunwell, and Wrath here we come.

MH and BT are so easy too, feels like there’s nothing to do. I personally don’t care if you can’t gear up your 10 Alts in time at this pacing. I and a lot of players want the new raids to come out. Including Wrath.

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This is a great step to move us closer to a yearly cycle!

Honestly this is good to hear. I am in a Dad guild personally, and I feel like in a month we would be DEing 97pct of all gear anyway. If I was stuck into 3 more months of this phase I would just pass out due to bordem.

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no it isnt lollol

Yep, it’s truly a joke. This is what happens when release timelines are decided by executives that don’t even play the game and just want to juice quarterly profits for a nice bonus.

They’re going to rush through Wrath too but you guys never think ahead. You should want them to take their time, so that you can enjoy Wrath.


As a fellow semi-sweat lord whose guild & raid leader does the same thing, bravo. You extracted the exact thoughts from head.

I also enjoy playing this game more than just logging on once per week on raid night. It’s atrocious that Blizz paces the content around whether the raid loggers are getting bored.


According to everyone, Cataclysm was terrible garbage.
So maybe everyone’s just gonna chill in Wrath if or when Cata releases.
To me that seems like a hard one to judge, though, on who would all just progress.
I have no idea because I never played 'em but it may not even go that far.

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Just the tanks. There’s a 20% dodge debuff and other nasty things Sunwell has. Bis tanks means no threat issues for DPS.

Some people can’t figure this out. The “rush rush rush to the next thing” mentality is strong, and then they bash SoM with a fast release cycle and “harder” content when that’s exactly what gets asked for on here.

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Cleared since week 1 and only seen 1 glaive so far. Dont see what loot RNG has to do with the next phase of content, no one needs glaives to clear sunwell.

Bash som for making asinine changes to an already good game.

I don’t need glaives to clear Sunwell, I need glaives to enjoy the experience of playing with glaives. Parsing with glaives, PvPing with glaives, etc.

Even if glaives weren’t a part of it I’d say the same thing, because unlike the raid loggers who are here simply out of addiction, I actually enjoy playing the game.


Well its usually a couple weeks on the PTR before it hits live servers and if Wrath follows Classic>TBC, it’ll be 6 months of Sunwell before Wrath drops.

So possibly Wrath in October or November.

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My responsibility as GM is to make sure that our guild is successful and people are having fun. Which we all are. Nobody on our roster is in a rush to get to Sunwell that I am aware of, because we enjoy raiding together, getting faster, improving as a team, etc. I screen out the “bis-and-quit” or “clear it two times and quit” types during recruitment.

It’s either that or some exec that doesn’t play the game wants to fit the next release into a certain quarter to juice short-term profits and get a nice bonus before he retires or jumps ship to another company


Sunwell gear gets replaced at like 75 anyway

The level 74 dungeon drops item level 171

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BT was on PTR for a month and a half. Looks like they’re targeting a june sunwell release time, which isn’t unreasonable. Given how long naxx was in classic I assume they will just let us coast with sunwell up for 4-5 months then launch WOTLK around nov/dec.


I hope not.

I want a September release

that’s probably not happening

This may be hard to comprehend but not everybody is here because they’re addicted to the loot treadmill skinner box.

Some of us enjoy playing the game and view loot as a tool that makes the game enjoyable (opening up new possibilities and strategies as your raid gets more powerful, even new team compositions in PvP become viable with gear scaling, such as the increased presence of spriests and dreamstate druids with S3+ gear levels) rather than the sole purpose of attending a raid.


This topic was literally about Loot and how they didn’t have a chance to get it…