Stop rushing content releases

no but if im 80 i can stop worrying about skull or zardoom

You can stop worrying about it now lol. You don’t need either to clear sunwell.

TBH I would say the same regardless if I had Glaives. I enjoy actually playing the game both inside and outside of raids. I enjoy getting 1% better this week than I was last week.

but bis is bis shrug

Keep doing it then, nobodys stopping you. The i want it, and its gotta be in this time frame, and also its gotta be during progression only, is whats bonkers. Most guilds will go kill illidan until wotlk comes out.

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Its not possible for everybody to get full BiS though.

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Then develop an internal locus of control.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do once you have that particular piece of gear.

then ill quit the game
for good

sure it is rng just has to be kind

games been out for 10 months, already upto last phase :rofl: :clown_face:


honk honk :clown_face:


Release Wrath now.

So the combined phase 3+4, arguably the highlight of TBC, is gonna be about as long as phase 1. Meanwhile there was like 8 months of just Naxx in classic. They have done such a horrible job of rolling out this expansion, which on its merits is one of if not their best, that I have no interest in playing Wrath.

Classic which had no content outside of raids aside from mindless grinding is gonna end up having a timeline almost twice as long as TBC. CRINGE.


this feels way too fast


it IS way too fast


The releases seem too fast to me too but on the other hand, it’s what people expected after they saw when ZA was released.

I haven’t really loved TBCC so I don’t care a lot but for the people that do love it, it’s kind of annoying.

People (not saying the same people) did this exact same thing before Naxx in Classic with wanting TBC. Being eager to rush content to get to wherever that person will quit the game again is a big thing on the forums.


Four months between tiers is fine to me.


Feels like this expansion is being rushed through


You lost me when you said Classic is a treasure. 2/10 troll.

If Classic isn’t a treasure then why are you playing. A lot of people want to savor these iterations of WOW. There’s a reason subs fell off a cliff after Wrath and never recovered.