Stop removing portals

bigger? how about more annoying instead, because that is all you seem to do now is make things annoying. quit talking down to your players because soon you won’t have them


Easy answer: Remove all portals as intended, buff max flight speed to 490% behind a 10k gold pricetag. Saves everyone millions (unless they’re the no-fly hardcores. they can pay the mages.)

Small joke aside, if we’re to be inconvenienced with portal removal, shouldn’t flightspeed be increased by now? We’ve been at 310 since WotLK.


This seems like a lot of work when the devs could have done literally nothing and it would have been fine.


There comes a point where focusing on metrics and not on what your actual paying customers becomes bad business. Will this be the straw? Who knows, but I am sure a lot more players will be displeased by this move than by other moves the company has made.


I think the answer to that is ‘all of the content that is in Caverns of Time’ are what is helped by efficient travel.

Whether you are there for the Dragon Soul raid, or Hyjal Raid, maybe one of the instances, it all benefits from getting their quicker.

Why aren’t you asking if people are going to do it more if you make it more difficult to get there. That’s really the operative question isn’t it?


It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, the fact is that they’re going there and the portal saves a buttload of travel time that would be spent getting there. Travel time IS NOT CONTENT.


Understandable. There’s a balance to be struck though. Some conveniences people want now would probably mean that they play for just 2 minutes at a time and become more and more disconnected from the game, their guildies, etc. Then they end up unsubbing because of those conveniences they wanted. Just one general example.

Every individual convenience sounds great, but adding them all up (seems there are 1000s by now) feels like its starting to be a death by a million cuts. You don’t notice the damage individually.

Maybe we can add conveniences, but we should probably remove as we do. Honestly, while I don’t feel particularly strongly about this portal topic, this feels like just that (adding some convenience while pulling back elsewhere).

The big problem with conveniences being added to the game is that they become a massive backlash if anyone tries to remove them later. Remember when at first they said the water strider would be changed to only work in MoP zones?

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This may be one interaction. This is not how every conversation went.

Player “/2 LF mage port to xxx” Asks several times, waiting until he/she draws social security or the universe ends.
Mage “Hey man what city you in?”
Player “Org”
Mage “How much money you got?”
Player “How much money do you want?”
Mage “100 gold.”
Player “I don’t have that much.”
Mage “Sucks to be you. Next time roll a mage noob.”


Blizzard have a long, long history of chopping of an entire hand just to fix a little papercut.


what is so damn hard about putting all of the portals in one unified portal room? do that and you would make people happy. there is no reason to remove or even touch the old portals outside of the cluster in org/sw.


You must realize of course that folks will enjoy Quality of Life changes like the various portals that exist now.

So then you must also realize that there will be bitterness and resentment when you remove said Quality of Life changes.

Honestly? Removing some of the portals just feels spiteful and cruel.


/sigh… how much longer till classic comes out? I just hope the everything NOW, everything FAST, everything FAIR, everything EASY, everything CONVENIENT crowd stay in retail.

The classic update today wasn’t even really an update… :frowning:


Here’s a list of reasons players might go to Caverns of Time in order of what I believe are most relevant.

3 mounts from Dragon Soul.
Pets from Dragon Soul.
Pets from Mt. Hyjal raid.
Transmog from the numerous dungeons and raids in the area.
Glory of the whatever achievements from Dragon Soul.
Achievements from Cata 5 mans.
Reputation from Mt. Hyjal.
Reputation from the 5 mans in the area.

There’s probably more that I’m not thinking of. Most of these are not a big deal I admit, they can be completed once and then you’re done. The main thing keeping people going back are pets, mounts, and transmog. People run these dungeons for YEARS.


What content are players doing anyway? What does it matter? There was a portal to Caverns of Time and now there is not one. All for the sake of some devs thinking flying from one end of the continent to the other is somehow immersive.


How does removing portals make the world feel more alive?? If you remove portals, we have less reason to even go to these other places. The game is HUGE with tons of xpacs, portals should make that convient to get around.

I will never LF a mage to port me anywhere, I dont think I have since BC. I literally have a bag full of rings, cloaks, toys, etc to port me places. Leave portals alone, nobody asked for a change.


About 20 minutes, which means I’m either not logging in at all or I’m doing something else in game, which means the game is less fun.


That’s because it’s 7 or 8 parts metric padding and the rest is spite. “Oh, you’re not in bfa content? Lets Fix That”


I give up on people like you.


About that. More subtle but more of an affront to me, the last few holidays have added more hearthstones…that all share the same cooldown. So my toy box count goes up, but they are literally useless. How about letting us either set different hearthstones to different places, or have them on different CDs, or both?


It makes the game more of a pain in the butt, something that, especially right now, ActiBlizz doesn’t need. Stuff like this is why you’re losing so many subscriptions. Don’t bother denying that last part, anything you say to the contrary would be suspect anyway.

Semper Fi! :us: