Stop removing portals

it’s really not. One CM barking blizzards will is as good as any other and worse then none at all. Do we really need somebody with zero authority, whose not even allowed to be honest or speak their opinion relaying the words of their betters? Better CM’s then this one have been as pointless, just with more grace


This, exactly.

These changes aren’t about making the world feel more alive, or increasing immersion, or promoting socialization: they’re about funneling more players through Stormwind/Org to make it seem the game is more populated than it is, as well as increasing “play time” (really, time logged in) for their metrics.

I’m not going to be exploring or socializing when on a flight path: I’m going to be alt-tabbed or literally afk, doing something else. Forcing long travel times is just a glorified loading screen.


I can’t help but wonder, putting together:

  • Blizzard’s penchant for pruning,
  • the current enthusiasm (of game companies) for mobile games,
  • the continual removal of important pieces of old content,
  • the complete indifference toward new players - of whom there are pitifully few these days,
  • the lack of interest in updating old content,
  • and now the removal of so many portals while making the few new ones inaccessible to low level characters,

is this a prelude to removing previous expansions altogether to enable a drastic shrinking of WoW so it can be moved to a mobile console?

The lack of new players and now the added difficulty for players to travel to older areas could be the excuse Ion and Co are looking for to say, “look, this old content is no longer used - wouldn’t the world seem bigger and more alive without it?”

A sprite-based 2D world without flying (see Silvermoon City,) comprising only the current expansion, could be produced much more cheaply, and need far fewer console resources, than the 3D world our characters currently inhabit.


i agree with him on this to a lot of people believe wow began it’s downfall when conveniences and quality of life features were added in abundance and it took away from all the meaning and sense of world building the game, the world became more of a menu screen rather than something you can travel in explore in and it is depressing and makes the game feel like a mobile game rather than an rpg and is much of the reason why people want classic, the fact that blizzard acknowledges this and is attempting to make some changes with this notion is i think a good sign

yes, it is less convenient but i think this is one of those situations it’s helping to construct a proper world and rpg that wow desperately needs

As long as you don’t remove the portals from Legion Dalaran, I’m fine. I quite like Dalaran, and I would hate for it to have less of a reason to be visited.


An MMO is a gaming architecture. It doesn’t have anything to do with how the game is played.

The other games people are discussing are also MMOs that have figured out that player convenience has benefits, whereas Blizzard just keeps taking things away.


You missed a lot of what I said in my post. But whatever. You be mad and I’ll be hopeful.

What does engaging zones have to do with a que exactly?

Nothing, I didn’t think so.


My tolerance gets smaller, that’s for sure.

This isn’t vanilla, the concept of exploring the world is dead and gone until the devs start bringing back the RPG aspects of the game.

Since they aren’t doing that, removing portals is just a bother. Don’t twist this.


Pretty sure those are being taken out. I know for sure the ones in the underbelly are gone. In other words, the most convenient ones.

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Why even bother creating a centralized portal room at all if you’re going to reduce the overall number of places that can be teleported to?


It’s been great to read all these posts. I haven’t felt this close as a WoW community in a long time. I love you all! :heart_eyes:


Typical Blizzard - had something convenient in game and then remove it and try beat around the bush.

So stupid - you’re removing a QoL feature. Regardless of what it is, it’s dumb.

You guys really just like to get worse and worse don’t you ActiBlizzard…


congrats. You’re both wrong. He at least is getting paid to be wrong, and you pay for that privilege



/jumps off a cliff

At least put the Caverns portal back in the game. There is so many instances in there with a lot of cool transmog gear to farm.


This. As it is, cities with this kind of convenience become the hub for activity.

Give us a reason to want to go to those cities, not take away even more incentive.


Can we get this post stickied? That is some grade A++ fire.


well i mean it’s my opinion on the topic you’re free to disagree with it if you have a criticism/reasoning on why you disagree

And disrespectful and uncalled for. Just because the Blizzard CM is resorting to condescension and sarcasm, doesn’t mean we should…