Stop Only Posting Issues On Twitter

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Not to twist Vixie’s words for my own usage, but:

“Why would you need information about a game that’s having issues and what they’re doing to fix it - if you don’t play that game?”

There might be billions of twitters users, but there are only a few million WoW users. All WoW users know there’s a website and have used it at least once. That isn’t necessarily true of Twitter.

Even then, I fail to see why it must be an either-or thing. They could have the Warcraft support twitter and a forum, and use them both.


Well the subscribers are usually the ones following the Blizzard Twitter account in the first place so it’s more likely to reach them than the small handful of people on the forums. If anything, addressing the community here wouldn’t actually help the live game because most of the players don’t visit the forums.


So if i get all of that as an exec and I’m like " you know, i could really use 19 mil right now" is it bad form to sell your stock options? The new get rich quick scheme: Become CEO of an international company and sell your stock day 1.

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I just want to convey how much I completely disagree with you in words.

I hope that did the trick.

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You don’t cut off support communication just because a forum is acting as… well… a forum. This is a flimsy way to blame the victim (victim being a loose term here).

You do know that the internet by which Twitter is connected to all those people is the same internet that this forum can reach exactly the same people, right? And the whole point of specific forums is that it is a targeted audience.

Not to mention that when issues arise, the first place people go to are support pages or forums for the company/product in question. 200 might be the mean users per day on the support forums here, but when something like this happens you sure as hell can bet that number spikes.


FIOS customer in Ashburn, VA checking in and not able to login.


why not do both?

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Fios users are starting to be able to log back in. Keep trying.

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Looks like the tech support forum has just picked it up and is looking into things.

(Hoping this is the same issue?)

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The current WoW team (and seemingly the majority of Blizzard managers and executives, from what we’ve seen) is afraid of one thing:


If they don’t have to address us directly as customers, they can always treat us as this generalized mass that they can try to mold, bend, do whatever they want with and it keeps them from having to actually sort of… look us in the eyes when they do it.

Furthermore, I’m sure there are legal reasons for why they do most of their business… “overseas.” :money_with_wings: :man_supervillain:

If they do any of the social stuff on sites like twitter or reddit, they always have some layer between themselves and us, like they’re basically using another business as a barrier against their own customers.

It’s quite ingenius if you think about it.

I mean… evil of course, but… ingenius.

I always appreciate a good villain. :smiling_imp:


Im a bit confused. There is a sticky in this forum for twitter updates and it has links to the most current. If you, OP, want more communication, I completely agree. But checking Twitter shouldn’t be that difficult given the sticky here.

If I’m missing the point, please disregard.


All you say is your opinion only: especially about who ‘usually’ goes to Twitter.
TL:DR Links please.


I know to go look there. I just don’t have a twitter account and never go there. They really should put those support forums to actual use.


I don’t think you know what literally means. The largest social media platform is still Facebook. At around 2 billion. Twitter has around 300 million.


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Posting on their own forums shouldn’t be that difficult.

Furthermore, since you require the sticky to set the condition of difficulty, checking twitter is always going to be at least one step extra for the customers who already came to your website for news on what’s going on.

Why in the world would you send someone away from the same place you have your store to get updates about your business from someone else?

It’s just not a good approach.

Things can be done better.

I wish every thread didn’t turn into an excuse factory from all these mystery sycophants for why everything needs to stay the same at Blizzard when… deep down… we all know this company is so far from healthy it’s basically teetering on the edge of its own undoing.

The “mass exodus” came to fruition and many of you familiar with what I’m speaking of know it to be true.

It happened because the signs were clear.

The signs are clear in this case too… your company is sick.

To EVERYONE at Blizzard: What are you going to do about it?


Yeah… personally I refused to get in on the social media nonsense. Never had a twitter and never will so they should at the very least post something on their own forums for people like me that don’t want to be part of the massive negative energy factory that is twitter.

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Oh settle down, Chosen.


I can’t be argue against this. I agree, It would be better if they used this site. I don’t think it’s necessarily hard to visit another site, nor do I consider myself a sycophant, but your quote above makes sense to me.

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I choose not to stagnate like the ranks of old smelly witches stinking up Blizzard. :woman_mage: