Stop justifying your new system by breaking old ones

I think I outlined more than one issue I have with the whole system, not just that one particular aspect. That’s my personal feedback on pretty much the whole thing.

Water walking was removed from ONE mount. With the option to add it back on.
Water walking is now an option for 423 other mounts. That sounds like a vast increase in options to me.

What! The! FFFFFFFFFFFFF! Are you serious? Why are they doing this??? This is the most retarded thing they’ve done since the deletion of flying!


How often would you be changing equipment that you see this as a problem?

They don’t understand how this is a prune. Sad! I guess nothing earned in this game anymore matters.

Terrible but that is the audience Blizz wants to attract where they reset everything every patch and where nothing you earned matters anymore.

Because what you quoted is partially false.

Yes you need the mount equipment to water walk. However everyone with a strider gets a waterwalking equipment for free. You can choose to use that or any of the other equipment options. What affect you have is totally up to you.

Characters under 100 will have perks unless they are a brand new account. A brand new account wouldn’t have a strider anyway, so nothing is lost.

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Hey, this is how free-to-play mechanics get implemented. That’s all I’m seeing these days… we’re going to end up there - all the benefits of a free-to-play with a subscription! I can’t want to have the privilege to serve my Blizzard.

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I mean, I rather not have to swap mounts to get water walking when I’m not playing a Shaman or Death Knight. Remove it from one mount, to be able to give it to ANY mount? I mean, that’s technically a net gain.


What bothers me is they are going to keep adding free 2 play mechanics they need to drop the sub fee.

This is disgusting to be honest because even in free 2 play games you keep what you earn (or buy).

Even in WoW with things you buy with gold like heirlooms that is an iffy proposition. By a token (with IRL money) you don’t earn or keep for long anything in this game anymore. What a racket.

Then it should be easy for you to link/quote literally any explanation as to why that is rather than weakly posturing as if it is and going on to make fun of people who “don’t get it”.

Back it up or stop.

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Hahaha these nerds will literally get outraged over anything.

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No because pruning to re-gift to you a function that can be earned as a consumable benefits whom? Blizzard and not the players.


How does it benefit Blizzard?

It benefits literally everyone. I, and many others, hate the strider. Many people never had the strider int he first place. Everyone now has the choice of water walking on any mount they own instead of just one.

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it is really bad. Tone deaf to the max. They don’t even play their own game when they prune portals from a city full of mages. Legit sad.

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That’s kind of pointless. Mages don’t need portals in their cities because they can make their own portals whenever they want. :+1:

Apparently they can’t make portals anymore since they are all gone in Dalaran. Nice try.

A tiny handful of the same people spamming the same thread 10,000 times. An overblown tempest in a teapot that Blizzard, rightfully, brushed off.

Now you’re making a new system for “mount equipment” and removing existing functionality from a mount to justify the new system’s existence. People are mad. I’m mad.

No one cares. I’d much rather be able to apply a water-walking ability to any mount rather than see everyone on a strider for another 7 years.


And now everyone, if you look to your right you’ll see a majestic mountain. If you turn towards your left, you’ll see a molehill. Unfortunately, there are many people that think these two are the same thing.

“Front Loaded” is how Ion described Legion in general…without taking the half a second needed to consider why Legion was so “Front Loaded” (Because the most valid complaint about WoD was that it’s endgame was lacking in just about everything).

I love seeing people cry about a non issue.