Stop giving premades what they want

This is pretty much pure misinformation.

A premade that is GY farming in even WSG is getting what? a couple hundred honor every 30 seconds before diminishing returns kick in? That’s a hell of an incentive to do so and not have to risk fighting another premade.

It takes about 7 minutes to run the flags, that’s about 6-7 kills per player without extending.

You get ~440 honor for a full team wipe. Extending the game will give you the 30% 20% 10% values assuming they are rezzing completely each time. Or 200 honor for 2 minutes. And that assuming you are farming 10 fresh players.

I’ve run into a couple premades that are toxic, but mostly graveyard pressure is used to control the pace of the game – as in make it go faster. The only issue is that the losing team has zero control over the end of the game in WSG. They have to wait for the final cap. Ghosting removes a distraction from finishing up and moving on. There is no reason to ghost in AB. Put your boots on people and fight.

That said, Ally, you give up way too easily. At least make a go of it. I pug and I premade and I just can’t think of a time when the Horde didn’t give us a try.


He’s correct. U are the one giving false information.


Nah horde bandwagon hoppers deserve to rot in their q and pve specced alliance leechers deserve to rot with a near 100% loss rate. All is as it should be.

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Then find a way to penalize people holding games hostage while they camp graveyards. This is a two-way street.

If they get more hks and honor quicker, they stop queing as premades once they hit their weekly cap. IMO you should always try until the point they are camping gys. The problem is being unpredictable, the same strategies will not work against a premade that you use against a PuG.

It doesn’t matter if they give up or not.

I did about 500 ABs, 500 WSGs, and 120 AVs on my solo (95% anyway) grind to rank 12 when I stopped.

Premades abuse every pot, spell, and advantage imaginable on the initial clash, whether it be mid in WSG or BS in AB. Frost Mages slows and roots don’t have an effect, CC does nothing, groups with 3+ pallys have 30+ seconds of free healing when they all bubble - some groups spend hundreds of gold PER GAME combined on consumables.

It’s a stacked deck, and once that initial clash is won, they mount and run right at you at Farm, as Horde trickles in one by one, clearly not organized since it’s a pug, and then Ally GY stomps til no one rezzes.

I’m not saying this is the scenario EVERY time but it’s been pretty well documented here on the forums, and I agree from a HUGE sample size of games I did on my own, that it doesn’t matter either way.

The system is broken. Nothing makes me happier to say I am no longer PVPing in Classic.


That hasn’t been the formula for HKs since January as it was changed at that time to a 10% reduction in honor per kill of a player and 10 total HKs before they’re worth no honor.

Using those numbers, the first full team wipe is 400 honor,
2nd is 360 honor
3rd is 320 honor

Highlighting in the quote below is mine and link to the blizz post.

Finally, we’re updating the calculation of diminishing returns to match patch 1.12 of original WoW. When WoW Classic first launched the Honor System, we made the decision to decrease Honor by 25% per repeated kill. With world PvP being the only option for obtaining Honor at that time, this made sense. Now, PvP has primarly moved to battlegrounds where repetitious engagements can happen with much greater frequency. Starting next week, Honor will now decrease by 10% per repeated kill in both battlegrounds and world PvP.

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Yes but if they are ressurecting, you’re going to kill them 6-7 times before you would be able to end the game. So the ‘extension’ would net you the 7-10th kills, at those very low values.

I agree, and see what you were saying now, there’s no real incentive to extending the game beyond 6-7ish HKs unless they are deliberately trolling for some reason, which to be fair I don’t think I’ve really seen. There is of course quite a bit of incentive to get those first 5-6 kills which as mentioned in WSG can usually happen during the time it takes to run the flag all 3x.

Personally, if they’re not camping the GY I’ll usually come out and fight and try to score a kill or two. There’s not much point to ressing when they’re camping the GY and I get 2 shot on the res without even getting attack off.

This is only true for horde

Imagine if consumes were banned in bgs; most premades would fall apart instantly.

Imagine if you stopped coming to the forums complaining about premades.

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Imagine if a majority of those interested in PvP didn’t roll on the bandwagon faction. Your complaints might be valid then.

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Nobody is holding games hostage. They’re literally just winning the game. Quit your whining.

Maybe don’t queue at all.

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You have to keep in mind, many people who play the game don’t want to play the game, they want a new outfit for their virtual dress up dolly and they don’t care how they get it. They have to look their best when they are jump spamming in a capital city.

The game would be in great shape if people who played the game WANTED to play the game, not just collect points to advance in a game that they HATE playing.

When I run into a pre-made, I stop queueing and do something else that I do enjoy, when there is nothing left to do in game, that I enjoy, I’ll just stop playing.

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I’m not here complaining about premades, they’re here to stay obviously. Sad that only 2 people in this thread understand what I’m trying to say.

If every wsg pug vs a premade had someone escaping the GY camp to go and pick the flag and hide in enemy base, like on their roof it adds +3 mins to the game and forces 2-5 players to leave the graveyard camp and come chase you around the enemy base.

If this happened EVERY game premades couldn’t even gy camp because it would end up ruining their hph.

It’s also really fun when they only send 1 guy and you keep killing/out playing him.
Premades are not all their chalked up to be these days, the good pvpers have been done for months.