Stop fighting megarealms Blizzard

While many people might have agreed with this sentiment back in September, it’s now clear that Blizzard has no plans to take on the kind of active server management that will make that a reality. So, I propose doing the opposite. It’s time to embrace mega realms as the new reality. While I can understand not wanting a realm to get to 40k or whatever Benediction was at, I think the average realm should be at about the 20k range. One more good round of mergers would get us there.

If Blizzard doesn’t do this, there’s a chance that we’ll be repeating the same “you need to move off the server to avoid queues” when Cata comes. But this time, nobody is falling for the BS.


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Between 6k to 12k is totally fine for an average realm.
Less than 3k and it’s not viable.

Anything over 15k just have their economy degenerate, the game wasn’t balanced and made for this amount of people. You also make people too easy to replace and have to do multiple layers to accommodate them which just make them degenerate further. Realms should have 1 layer and that’s it. Choosing to go on a bigger realm should have disadvantages too like the lack of gathering ressources.


With the game being full of raid loggers, a 6k realm will feel dead to anybody that’s NOT a raid logger. The only way to accommodate both play styles is larger realms.

The bots are hurting the economy way more than anything else. While yes, I can agree that the realms weren’t originally made to have so many people, realms like Benediction and Faerlina seem to get along fine.

This is probably true as well. However, considering that the vast majority of the players are already one mega realms, it’s clearly not something most people consider to be a problem.

IMO, trying to keep the old realm system like we had it in 2006 is like trying to hold back the ocean. It’s possible, but it’s also clear that Blizzard doesn’t want to invest the resources into doing it. So why half sass do it? Just give up. Admit that most people want mega servers, and do the best you can to accommodate that.


Older expansion style was up and downs really big with patch release, people will come back to do stuff when ToC release. This is just how the game was made.

It’s often not one factor but multiple factors the problem. What some people think is fine is not for others. I wouldn’t really push it further as I would have to have numbers. But really the game wasn’t made for that many people on the same server, just having layers is really bad imo.

People took advantage of something they could and now they can’t. Blizzard has succesfully stopped the ocean, was it a mistake they didn’t do it sooner? probably yes. Should they make it easier to transfer out and be more agressive with free transfers? probably yes.

Really, the best solution is just the retail path here…

Cross realm everything. The servers are already set up for it, it’s literally just a hotfixable switch they could turn on at any point.

Ends the dead realms because you are connected to the rest. You aren’t pressured into a mega realm because that’s where the people are to group with.

World pvp is pretty dead anyway, so that’s no real loss…

There’s very little downside to it.


ToC is a raid. It’s going to be another thing that people raid log. In a game that has very few new players, that’s still not being accommodating to players who want to do something besides raid.

But at what costs? You have multiple realms dying right now. According to Ironforge pro, about half the US realms are below your 6k standard. Even more if we’re going by my standard. When you see threads asking for mergers, you see them asking to be merged with a larger realm. Old Blanchy to Pagle, or Skyfury to Benediction. People want to be able to log on and do content in a reasonable time frame, and Blizzard simply isn’t managing server health actively enough to make sure this happens.

This is also an option I’d be fine with. Just because the game is from 2007, doesn’t mean people will play it like it’s 2007. Modern problems require modern solutions.

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The problem is that Blizzard didn’t pick a side. They allowed layering and transfers to create mega realms in the first place then try to backtrack it by limiting transfers and closing many realms. You should either have a larger list of normal realms with caps or a smaller list of mega realms. ONE OR THE OTHER. But they wanted to somehow ride the fence and do both. That doesn’t work. You are just left with empty realms everyone wants to transfer off to get over to mega realms they can actually enjoy the game on.


Youre arguing with a post from a year ago…

“Old man yells at cloud”

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Seems to be a theme with them. They should have stuck to their guns about realm size back in 2019. Since they didn’t, we have the situation we have now. Personally, I think mega realms are better. But either way, we can’t go back to how it was then. So that’s why I’m saying go with the flow and stop fighting the natural inclination for people to want to have a large pool of other people to do stuff with in an MMO.

True, lol. But the fact that so many realms are still dying means they’re trying to stick to their guns on some level.

Wanna bet? The only way you fell for it in wrath should have been because you didnt play Tbc, where the only way you shoulda fell for it is because you didnt play classic, where the only way you shoulda fell for it is because you didnt play Vanilla…

And yet people do every time

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What is there to do besides raid? Im on a megaserver and I still dont know… Inflation/bots have made gathering pointless.
Bg’s were a joke before the bots and even more so now…
Heroics are pretty pointless after a couple weeks in Ulduar
Arena I guess? But its kinda meh too…

I would probably level a new character off and on if Rdf was a thing, which Id probably then run some heroics on but…

Yeah, that’s what I’d do. But since they seem to not be willing to do that, they could at least make larger realms so people could have a larger pool of players to pull from.

I mean tbh even on Bene its tough. Even prime time you only MIGHT have 5 players in queue for the popular dungeons like DM/SM. Anything else and you gotta resort to whispering randoms, and thats just a lot of work

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Yeah, I get that. That said, it’s probably still better than Windseeker or Skyfury.

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According to what you retail cornball? Its literally an mmo

This game is dead.

We had no problem in 2008 finding people for dungeons, even on servers significantly smaller than the megas. Now all people do is raid log. I don’t think people even level alts anymore. The landscape is just barren outside of Dalaran.

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At this point I’m on the Opinion that Servers are stupid All they do is separate players I say if some Buddy is on your friends list you should be able to Play with them and do anything.

Whether that be raid pvp Dungeon whatever I say they make everything cross server and cross faction And yeah I’m gonna be throwing dragonflight in here but like it or not They did do that and it seems to have worked.

And I know there’s gonna be the people that are gonna scream but what about world PVP? For the probably two hundred to maybe a thousand people that play this game.

That do you want that They can implement war mode Aside from the hole serve Identity what does a name mean if you can’t do anything on the server.

You can’t dungeon raid Is or even arena And your auction house is dead A name doesn’t mean anything if you have no 1 2 Play With plain and simple.

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Mega realms created a haven for bots, ruined the economy and makes iteracting with others annoying because of layers.

How can this be? RDF isn’t in the game, I was promised the lack of RDF would make the world feel alive!