Stitches petition

I can assure you he was hostile in OG vanilla. I died to him many times during my romp through duskwook.


He was hostile to all and was spawned from the completion of a quest chain. If you were in the Duskwood zone when this happened a sound bite would play along w/ the text in your chat box.


Blizz if details like this are not fixed…



he was hostile in vanilla.



being ganked by stitches is a rite of passage. better be fixed.


If Stitches and Mor’Ladim are NOT aggressive to both factions, it just won’t be the same.

Not that I remember each release, but, WOWHEAD says that these two came along in 1.13.xxxxxx.

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My first time seeing Stitches.

Me: I can solo an elite my level, I’ll stop him from reaching town!

Stitches: Puny human, lunch.

Me: Oh cr@p…

Battle ensues, I’m about to die. When a band of adventurers (about 10) send me an invite, which I accepted, then save me, helping me save the town.

Me: Thank you all, I made a haughty mistake and overestimated my abilities.


That sort of reminds me of my first encounter with him.

A guildee and I were leveling up and had just finished the quest chain. Before turning it in my friend asked another friend who had a level 60 mage to help out.

Stitches almost managed to kill said mage at 60. The comment from the mage:

“I forgot how hard he hits”

Stitches needs to be the rampaging abomination that we remember.

They were both there as early as the AQ patch because that’s when I leveled my first char through Duskwood.

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1.13 is what they are calling Classic. All wowhead means by that is they are present in the Classic beta. There was no “1.13” patch in Vanilla - 1.12 was the end.

Those guys were there from the very beginning. Mor’Ladim killed me quite a few times when I was levelling in early 2005.


We found a bunch of videos from Vanilla involving him on another thread. Mostly PVP videos but at least one showing how dark Duskwood wasn’t, showed an aggro stitches.

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This doesn’t show him pre-aggro, but it is funny :rofl:


Duskwood is my FAVORITE area of the game, and the only reason it’s worth rolling Alliance.

This absolutely needs fixed. The whole point is you were running from Darkshire to Raven Cemetery or the Ogre mounds, and then all of a sudden he phases in (because you were most likely playing on a potato with low draw distance) and this monstrosity is chasing you across the map.

It is a right of passage, and anyone that has only played Horde, or never played alliance before the changes made to the zone, you have to do this zone and experience the whole thing.

The lore, the mobs, it stays with you. That isn’t just nostalgia talking, it is a legit amazing zone.


Here is another proof : _

Just in case

If I remember correctly, I think some of the material things one had to gather during the chain were actually used to create him, which added to the immersion. I remember seeing that " Darkshire, I hunger!!" In the chat box and thinking time to get my lvl 20 whatever off the road. Way off the road lol!.


When I first joined WoW during vanilla, I rolled alliance as my friends had already started the game and picked allaince. Duskwood was one of my favorite places and honestly still is. Stitches was someone to be feared and you learned that early on. From then on you kept your head on a swivel for him and communicated with everyone in the area. He and hogger are and should be learning curves and make the game fun. Those that get upset and drop the game after getting punted by these two simply shouldn’t play the game. Laugh, learn, and plot revenge.

Rolling horde this time around but might still run by sometime to say hi to Hogger and Stitches. Will miss the early terror.

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Bumping this. C’mon blues.


So if we can’t start a petition how do we know Blizzard will see this to flip the switch on making him hostile?

There’s no reason to keep him neutral for “testing”. It was an obvious overlook since they nerfed him in later expansions for all the kiddies.

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someone who is in beta opens a bug report. That’s how Blizzard will see this issue.


Tried to post this issue here :

If something is missing, tell me, i’ll edit my thread

I remember him being hostile, and running for my life. At 1.12 I don’t remember his status.