Stitches petition

According to WoWhead

“Live” Added in:

He is red to both Alliance and Horde

but if i look at the “Classic” tab… he seem to react ONLY to Alliance.

So there is certainly something that doesn’t add up there, they should look into it.

Even more considering he is neutral, which he shoudn’t be.

I hope 85 days is enough time for blizz to fix all the stuff that’s wrong. There is A LOT wrong with the beta still

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thank god that it is a Beta and not Live … cough BFA cough

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After you turn in the quest at the townhall, he is there outside when you exit the building. It is also a phased version of Darkshire so you don’t encounter him when other people are turning in the quest. He’s a lot less powerful and the guards help you down him.

It’s terribly disappointing if you had ever experienced the original Duskwood quests.


Yes, this absolutely needs to get fixed. Duskwood was far more interesting with Stitches in his original form, which was definitely hostile (to Alliance; I’m not sure about horde). Mor’Ladim should be, as well. I was ambushed by both more times than I care to admit, lol. I used to go there as a higher-level for herbs or whatever and swing by Raven Hill to see if Mor’Ladim was up and whether lowbies in the area needed help with him.

Every time I’ve had to complete the “updated” quest lines for those two on alts, it’s saddened me. I much preferred the danger of pre-Cata Duskwood, and I’m definitely looking forward to watching out for Stitches again.


Duskwood, for me, was the first time I encountered the wondering NPC elites. But Duskwood went one better with Mor’Ladim wandering the graveyard 2 shotting you while stitches 2 shotted you on the road going to town.

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Anytime I find myself in Duskwood I make a detour to Raven Hill cemetery to put Mor’Ladim down. You never forget those ambushes…

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You don’t…I went back to Duskwood at a higher level to get my revenge on them. Funny how many other players did that as well.

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I can confirm that Mor’Ladim is indeed red in the beta :slight_smile:


really obvious that classic NEEDS a lot of work.
I will be surprised if they release on Aug 27.
well I guess the release on Aug 27 will really be an open beta, again you will need a sub.

A player in the beta was kind enough to check this out.
It apears the be a bug with the scripting when he spawns the guards on the road.

He was like a world boss event. You never knew when he would come out. That was the best! Can’t wait to fight Stitches again at level. :sunglasses:

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Oh he’s aggressive. He killed me earlier this week while walking into darkshire.

Once he’s there, he’s not aggressive but if you run across him on the road … oh boy

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Update: As of Monday’s patch, and Tuesday morning, he remained bugged, and goes non-hostile in the same place. Although his behavior did possibly change slightly. He walked through the Nightwatch defenders without fighting them, even though he was flagged as hostile.

Although I think he’s done that at random before, I just wasn’t there to see it happen on those occasions. I simply happened to see the Nighwatch was still alive, and behind him. Hard to observe his spawns/pathing currently given the lack of players in the beta at this point so being in the right place at the right time is a challenge.

But you knew when he did come out that someone had completed the quest line and he was on the road headed for Darkshire.

Has there been any feedback from the team on this? Stitches being anything but hostile is going to have a serious impact on the decisions a lot of folks will make.

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Ohnoes, they nerfed stitches? feelsbadman.

Obviously I remember him, but I don’t remember what happened in vanilla if you spawned him and then had nobody around that could kill him. Did he just rampage around Darkshire for a bit and then despawn?

I remember him in Vanilla and I don’t recall him ever going neutral even after entering the Darkshire. I’m not sure if he would despawn at some point but I do very much remember him slaughtering half the town and being hostile both on the road and inside Darkshire when he got there back in Vanilla.


I’m pretty sure he killed my lil ne hunter in town during my short spying mission as an alliance. :sunglasses:

Not 100% on that though.

Agreed. Please fix Stitches.

Rite of passage was a good description, as someone said above.