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From what I’ve seen so far with Stitches is the fact that he is a yellow elite non aggressive mob. I recall that in classic he was an actual elite aggressive mob for both horde and alliance. Is there a reason for this? Is Mor’ladim the same way? If so can we please have them the way they were created in their original form? Please. Anyone else want original hostile Stitches back or is just me craving more vanilla in my ice cream?!


He was aggressive toward alliance for sure, same with MorLadim. Don’t know about horde.


He’s supposed to be hostile. Are you sure he wasn’t?

In one stream he was neutral that was put in one of expansion in Vanilla he was hostile.

Watching asmongold seems like a dev is assisting him. Worst tank ever.


Asmongold did a mini raid to take down Stitches today and Stitches was a yellow bar mob walked down the road and stood next to the fountain at the town and did nothing until it was attacked. He was a passive abomination. /sad face


Yeah, he was neutral. I’ll find the clip and edit it into this post. I assume it’s just a bug.

For those interested in seeing damage numbers on the fight:


Exactly! He wasn’t passive until maybe BC?

Definitely. Its a bug that needs fixing.


I think WoTLK or cata.


Thanks appreciate it!

I am sorely disappointed that they have Stitches as non-aggressive. He was one of my very favorite in vanilla. There would be the anticipation of meeting him down the road on his way to town and would strike fear into your heart because he was so dangerous. Then you would look around and find others to fight him with you as a group…after defeating him there was a sense of accomplishment! Having Stitches be non-aggressive is like expecting a dragon and getting a marshmallow instead. It just wouldn’t be the same at all!!


Is there any blue post that can confirm if this is indeed a bug or an oversight? Or is Being looked into?Thank you in advance. I appreciate everyones hard work and input for making classic wow as authentic and best it can be.

Chill out lol… it’s just the Beta… report it and move on. They want it to be accurate to vanilla, it’ll be fine.


For what it’s worth, this is still broken. I just reported it as a bug (before seeing this thread).


submit a bug

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I remember him being hostile but i looked for evidence to be sure.
All I could find was coments from BC that say he was definatly hostile and would at times kill people trying to pick up the quest where he spawns.
Its hard to find anything from vanilla since he wasnt in the game long. He was added in 1.11 I think.
He is definately bugged though because the gaurds should attack him. Any one know if the 2 sets of guards he spawns on the road attack him?

He was changed in Cata along with the quest chain that spawns him.

He used to be very hostile - guards along the road would attack him and get demolished. If I remember correctly, he could drop a white off-hand that had some stats that looked like a bone?


IIRC had like 50 armor.

The terror of darkshire better not be a fricken neutral yellow mob… lmao


Cataclysm, when most of the old world questlines changed. Pre-Cata he left the hut near the cemetary and stomped down the road toward Darkshire, attacking both players and NPCs along the way. Post-Cata he’s triggered by the questline originating out of the tower at Beggar’s Haunt, and just appears in Duskwood outside the Inn.

This needs to be fixed BEFORE release, not in a maintenance patch Soon™ after release.