Still think layering will be gone by phase 2?

Oh cool I didn’t think I could post videos yet lol

Youtube is whitelisted.

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Can you please link that clip? Or Blizz post? To ensure we are all on the same page.

All the relevant information is in here.


Then I stand corrected…back to my pit of misery

Just resubbed :crazy_face:

After how long?

I fully expect layering to be gone in P2. Layering is the just in case we don’t know mitigation system to handle the tsunami of “what-if” that’ll surround Classic launch, a system that is in a unique position compared to other games and such.

By P2 they will have better, more accurate data on traffic, realm use, population balance, etc. etc. so that they can make better long term decisions.

At P2 that will be their opportunity do roll those out.

Right now? They don’t know anything. None of the current data is valid beyond “boy that’s a lot”, which is not helpful.

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Not as long as I’d have liked.

Ha ha, same here.

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Yeah I do. They cant have world bosses with layering. If the realms crash (Herod, Faerlina, Whitemane, Pagle lol) then thats what you get for rolling on a Full.

Yeah…with the pop on Herod/Faerlina it’s looking like they are going to have layering past phase 1.
I can be wrong and people may drop off but that is how it’s looking atm.

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Funny, if you read the comments, folks WANT the queues and pain and crush of an overwhelmed realm. “Die, layers, die!” they shout, pitch forks in hand.

“If it’s not lagging, it’s not Vanilla!” read the T-shirts.

When P2 hits, the folks on the high-pop realms are probably going to have some hard choices to make.

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I think this will include the majority of the realms. I think Blizz has underestimated the demand

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They will. I’ve yet to be proven wrong on that. You will see.

You’re yet to be proven right, you mean.


Then they get long queues.

I don’t see the problem.

Definitely won’t be gone.
Faerlina will be a sh*t show too.

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Better 8k queues than layering. /shrug

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