Still think layering will be gone by phase 2?

Faerlina would like a word with you.


I still think it will… on realms that matter.

If you’re in streamer hell, how can you have “INV TO ASMON LAYER” without layering? Think of the memes! Won’t anyone think of the MEMES!


I think activision has layering in their bathrooms. Just hope you don’t get sharded and then urinated on.

Wonder what the reaction will be when layering happens for the opening of the AQ gates…


That was not the promise.
The promise was not “layering gone by phase 2…on non streamer servers”.
The promise was. No layering by phase 2.


Actually, the promise was “No layering after a few weeks.”

But if you’re all going to bunch up on one server, what do you expect them to do? Why not start on a lower population server NOW instead of complaining later?

Be the change you want to see. You can reach your goals. BEEFCAKE! BEEFCAKE!


With further promise that it would be completely gone by phase 2 at the latest.

The promise did not include qualifiers.
Stop making excuses for them.


I’m not. I’m expecting it to be gone within a few weeks, on my server. I’m just not stupid enough to roll on Faerlina then complain that the server is overcrowded.


You are deflecting. Which isnt a surprise considering the way you jumped to defend layering at every turn.

Blizzard promised no layering after phase 1.
And yet here you are giving them a pass. Not surprised given your track record.


Re-read what I said.

I’ve given them no pass. I expect it gone within the first few weeks. I expect Faerlina to crash and burn around that time too. And then everything will be fine.


i think they said it will stay until the world dragons patch… , was it phase 2? i dont know

They did. But faerlina is going to be home to most the streamers. So either they leave layering in for faerlina or they get long queues.

Yes it will be gone by phase 2

Can you guarantee that? Especially on a server that has 3/4 of the streamers?

Nothing in life is guanteed I can only go off what was said


In fairness, Blizzard shouldn’t permit ANY server to have more layers than their internal estimates tell them will evaporate by Phase II. If Blizzard screwed up, that will be how. No server should be so crowded that it won’t shink down enough to get rid of layers.

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Come on Elo, we both know there can’t possibly be a condensation of layering if there are still 10k people on each server. One WOW world was never meant to hold that many.

Not to mention the world breaking effects of having 10-20 layers as you level affecting the sense of community and seeing the same allies and enemies as you level up.


Hard to make that decision when early naming is going to be going likely from now until launch. The servers will only get more full from here on so more servers are likely. We’ll see though.

There has to be a server cap even with layers. It should lock at that point and another server open up.


Uh no, a few weeks was never on the table.

It was PROMISED to be gone by Phase 2. That is the ONLY promise they’ve ever officially made.

If it was no longer needed in a weeks of launch, then it may be gone sooner on the servers that no longer need it. That was not a promise, that was a hypothetical based on server populations absolutely dying (80-90% loss) within a week or two. Which isn’t happening.

the only promise is that it WILL be gone by Phase 2. And Phase 2 will not happen until it’s gone.

AKA…expect about 6 months before Phase 2, 3-4 if you’re REALLY lucky and the populations stablize pretty quickly so they can start work on the long term population solutions.

Aka how many new servers do we need to hold the overflow without spreading it too thin for when people do inevitably leave anyway.

I have a feeling that we’re gonna see double size servers just as a safety measure, since even if you lose half your population over the next year, you’ll still have a full vanilla server worth of population (and still be well over the 800 mininum needed for a vanilla server to function at a tolerably healthy level).

And unlike launch, having a 5-6k server isn’t a problem past launch, especially since about 50-60% of those people will never hit cap, so the bulk of that 5-6k would be scattered across the mid-game, and about 20% in the early and 30% in the late.

At which point they’ll start capping the maximum number of layers lower and using queues and free transfers to get the populations to a reasonable level, as well rebalancing any existing servers that have dropped much lower than wanted. This part is promised, Layering is just to give the populations time to get past the tourist phase so they know exactly how many servers they actually need, and don’t go overboard trying to chase a projection and ultimately spreading people too thin, like happened the first time.

And Phase 2 won’t until that process is done.



This was never “officially” or unofficially promised. A few weeks was.

All the Devs were “Well of course it’ll be gone before Phase 2 World Bosses”. Like it was a given.