Still think layering will be gone by phase 2?

Will you be here roasting Blizzard for breaking their promise if layering is still being used October 1 or will you be here defending Blizzard?

It has to. Or it won’t work.

I’ll be here laughing at Herod from my non-layered server. But roasting if Bloodsail or Grobbulus are still layered.

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Sounds to me like you admit that you will be defending Blizzard if they break their promise, even if layering only remains on sime servers.

They left no conditions on that promise. They did not say “if the populations drop enough”. They PROMISED it would be gone FOREVER in a few weeks.



I never did think it would be removed. It’s going to be around for as long as Classic is. Prove me wrong.


If layering isn’t gone by the first month, then Blizzard would have royally screwed up the entire Classic project.


That’s when they open up free xfers to other servers once players start complaining about 2hr+ queues after layering is removed.

As long as they kept their promise to me, I’m good. I know that rolling on meme servers is a bad idea.

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Yeah but this is Blizzard we’re talking about here, don’t you have phones?

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Oh so now you’ve changed your mind. I thought according to you I was being excessive by predicting Blizzard would keep layering. How ironic.


No, that was sarcasm. I know its lost on you. Also, you were being excessive claiming that millions would be playing Classic indefinitely.

They are obligated to do nothing. Have you not been a Blizzard customer long?

It’s easier yo gain forgiveness than permission and it is easier to gain that forgiveness in small steps.

Let’s examine:

First, Blizzard told us that one of the tenets of Classic is NO sharding.

Then, Blizzard tried to sneak sharding in during the demo. They got caught and called out for it.

When they got caught, they told us sharding in a limited, time limited use, and implied starting areas only. This did not go over well at all. Many people eventually very reluctantly and grudgingly accepted sharding in the starting areas only, though.

Once sharding was grudingly accepted in the starting areas only, Blizzard extended it to the entire world by changing the name to layering, but promising that layering would be removed forever in a few weeks.

They have continually moved the goalposts a little bit at a time. This is not the first time they have done that, either.

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“I’m living proof” is in there somewhere

Eloraell catches a lot of grief on these forums for voicing an opinion all the time, yet when someone asks a general question asking for help is always one of the top responders and gives good advice. I dont often agree with everything said but I applaud them anyway for sticking around when everyone is constantly jump down her throat.

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Sure, but I’m not on a crowded server, and never wanted to be, so I’m not living proof.

That was not the promise. That interview you are referring to as the promise was the developers saying they will gauge populations and consider removing layering as soon as possible.

They did promise to remove it for Phase 2.

I meant in the South Park reference. I think it goes: “Follow your dreams. You can reach your goals. I’m living proof. BEEFCAKE BEEFCAKE”

The literal wording was:

We’re going to continue that process over the first few weeks, till eventually we will collapse down, and we promise we will do this a few weeks in , to a single world per realm, no sharding, none of that going forward.

How is that not a promise to remove layering a few weeks in?

Yeah, but if I said that, I’d catch more grief.

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