Still stuck on Angerforge, help lol

I want to transfer my 70 hunter from Angerforge to Skyfury or whatever the free option is but I dont know how to start it.

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Wrong forum.

Check out the populations of all the servers; tends to be the main resource for this.

Then check out the pinned thread on this forum, Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion, Character Transfers Update – May 1

From this list it looks like these are your options From Angerforge - To XYZ

This information may not be up to date. To confirm accurate information, you’d be best to log into the game. Select your server, Angerforge, then while on the character selection screen for Angerforge, go to the bottom left and click on the Shop button above the AddOns and Menu buttons.

Once you’re in the Shop, go to Services. Once on the Services tab you can click on Free Character Transfer and select a realm to go to there. If none of these realms look good to you via population or friend location wise, then you may wish to opt to the paid Character Transfer.

Before transfering to any server, make a new character on that realm and check it out in person. Look at the Auction House, ask questions in Trade chat. Get a feel of what the environvment is like.


That list is actually hilarious. If you’re alliance on Angerforge you might as well just unsub. Whitemane is there but not bene like LOL

The Free Transfer Service is set up this way to fuel paid services. An illusion is put on to the player in obtaining something for free, to make the mental jump easier into buying a Faction Change.

All so people don’t lose out on their sentimental attachment, time, and progression of a character; to not have to start all over again at level one. Players hate the feeling of having their characters and effort be turned into a waste.

This way the thought of: ‘at least I can play my character with people again’ justification occurs while also feeling like the player got a deal with the Free Character Transfer.

Classic servers should never of had transfers allowed in the first place. It’s not in the spirit of the game, not apart of the love letter to the players.

The greed of selling services to players out weighs the health of the game, server culture, and players themselves. With out transfers, servers would have never gotten out of control and one side factioned.

Server management has been horrid by this Classic World of Warcraft team. It’s makes my heart cry and eyes fill with hate. How dare Blizzard ruin our game again. Second time Blizzard has broken my heart.

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