Still NO to Loot Trading

Nah, you began with a hypothetical that you changed to appear more dramatic :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t bother replying too much man. I’m done bumping this silliness =)

i updated the op because people have a limited capacity to imagine the possibilities. a lot of people didn’t seem to imagine that it could be an applicant or selling could involve real money

Oh, I see. It’s our fault you had to change your PoV -a false/made-up PoV- then later called it a truth…

Gotcha. Take it easy man lol

yeah man i cant say its been very nice talking to you but thanks for bumping the thread

ahh i stand corrected.

Because calling it even a small problem is an exaggeration to me.

This shouldn’t be an issue with any half serious progression guild using loot council early on and it doesn’t even really matter to a more casual guild.

Reality is I don’t see Blizzard being willing to devote GM time to even consider arbitrating your loot issues.

Facts do not care about feelings.

No, that’s not me speaking ironically.

Unless I’m wrong, you can only loot trade with people who were actually in the raid. So why is this an issue?

Loot trading has been around since the first raid, they just waited and used DKP to distribute it. Things went wrong all the time. I don’t see how automating the system is anything but a plus since things frequently went wrong with the master loot system.

The stated purpose of loot trading is to allow for players to correct accidental misloots without gm intervention.

You claimed that I am wrong that the only people who want it intend to abuse it because you want to use it for something other than its intended purpose.

I don’t think you understand my argument, because you kind of proved my point for me.


I’ve had people with superior DKP use it to “buy” an item for friends who are lower but want an item REALLY bad, who cares? You earn DKP, you spend it however you want.

If a person is willing to taint their reputation over a bit of $$ or an item, then my good ser elf, he’ll lose far more than he’ll gain.

LMAO a player in a progression guild that is willingly trading their gear to a non-core raider, now I’ve heard it all.

Can anyone else come up with unrealistic situations?

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lmao yeah lets just add loot trading to vanilla amirite

Funny fact - at this point your involved ended. The loot is no longer yours to make any decisions about.

If you actually made such a ticket, this is the only part the GMs would care about - a REAL MONEY TRANSACTION.

Blizzard would investigate (hope there’s some evidence beyond your say-so, because simply trading it to another player who was there during the run isn’t proof that real world money was involved) and take whatever they consider appropriate action.

Despite the FUD, they’d ignore most of the unnecessary data in your ticket.

Loot Trading was implemented to reduce GM tickets and correct mistakes, not to give players the right to sell/trade soulbound items as they desire. That is a fundamental change to how loot behaves.

You’re missing the point. As far as Blizzard is concerned, the moment a Master Looter clicks a name and delivers a piece of loot, the recipient is the owner. Full stop. Master Looter is no longer involved. (And I typo’ed - it should say “your involvement ended”.)

If the person who received the loot submitted a ticket and said “this was given to me by mistake and needs to go to RaiderX”, Blizzard would make sure RaiderX was also eligible and take care of it. They wouldn’t talk to the Master Looter and get approval.

The only fundamental change here is that instead of a GM ticket and waiting (potentially 3-7 days), the two players who were both there for the raid kill can open a trade window immediately or within a period of time.



















They should simply not offer this service. It’s not worth the customer service time and loot trading is not an acceptable solution because it has so many unintended side effects.

If this service is truly necessary then they can offer it via GM assistance for a microtransaction fee: pay $3 to cover personnel expenses and the item can be reassigned. That way it won’t be used frivolously and since it will have CS oversight the odds that it will be abused will go way down.

Personally I still prefer if the option to reassign soulbound loot were disabled entirely though. It’s not part of the game.

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