Still issues with Mastercard?

Visa Debit card which is accepted in Maestro machines.

That’s crazy this is still going on, but sadly, I am not surprised. I’m glad you were finally able to purchase some game time, and hopefully you won’t have to go through this crap every month. I personally got fed up and ultimately purchased 6 months of game time in April, so I won’t have to keep going through this. So if people out there can do that- it doesn’t solve the problem of paying monthly, but at least you won’t have to deal with the issue so it’s a possibility. But paying through the Blizzard app seems to work for most people, so if you can’t do multiple months at a time- you can just pay through there too.

Yeah, it’s seriously annoying and only started happening in March this year. Like I said, it’s intermittant…you can successfully buy game time without any problems a few times and then randomly have the problem again, regardless of which internet browser you try and use. Seems to be a communication error to the server rather than a bank issue, but still annoying…sigh