Still issues with Mastercard?

I tried re-subbing, my payment wouldn’t go through, so I came on here and found a post saying that there is an issue processing Mastercards. (Which my debit card is.) However that was a week ago. Is that issue still going on? I can always purchase a game card or use paypal so it’s not a big deal, just wondering if there have been any updates in the last week. Thanks!

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The issue appeared to be with Maestro, which apparently functions as a prepaid card. As I understand it, there was an issue because those cannot be used to set up a subscription.

If you have a standard Master Card, you should be able to add it to your payment methods and use it normally for subscriptions. You may need to delete and readd the method of payment first.


Thank you- I will keep this in mind next time I need to add game time! For the time being I just used my PayPal which worked just fine :slight_smile:

Is the issue with Maestro going to be fixed or are you saying that cards associated to Maestro will no longer be an acceptable payment method, because up until now there hasn’t been a problem.


Pre-paid credit cards aren’t suitable for use with subscriptions. If Maestro is such a card, I’m afraid you may want to look into an alternate funding source, or consider purchasing blocks of pre-paid time instead.

Common issues for failed payments with pre-paid cards are:

  • You are trying to set-up a World of Warcraft subscription. A pre-paid card won’t allow recurring payments. You can buy digital game time instead.

Debit cards (visa/master) aren’t pre paid cards though, it’s a non credit card that can be used with some functions of a credit card such as online purchases but I don’t understand how Blizzard is classing it as a “pre paid card”.
Up until today I had no problem in purchasing a chunck of 30days game time (non subscription type). Payment went through, I happily played WoW and no because that chunk has expired, I went to purchase another 30day period today (because it expired 2 days ago) and all of a sudden an error msg says to look at another payment type. I had to trawl the net to find out whether this is a known issue or some temporary glitch and stumbled across this thread. Having looked at Blizz shop payment methods it still states that debit cards are an aceptable payment form…go figure

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I see.

You can try removing and re-adding it as a payment method. Occasionally there are glitches for which that procedure can clear.


Cool…gonna try that now

Amaelalin…you are legend!!! Thank you so much for your help, it’s very much apprecciated and I can now go back to playing WoW. Thanks again :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue.


There is still a problem using debit Mastercards to subscribe. I have a standard Mastercard brand (no sub-brand) debit card. Subscribing was jenky to say the least last month. My card was charged and time was not added to my account. I went through the process again, time was added however the first charge was not only not reversed, but it didn’t show up in the transaction history on my account. I had to manually reverse the charge (through my bank) 1 hour before a standard 3 day period. I went through almost 10 different support staff (with pictures of my bank account showing 2 charges on the same day) to no avail on Blizzard’s end. 15-20 days later magically Blizzard lists a problem with debit Mastercards as a bunch of forum posts come up about it. That brings us to this month, I can’t use the card to buy time, subscription and/or X-amount of game time. I also can’t add the card as a payment method, an “error” occurs everytime and it is not added. This issue is not fixed, it has been long running, and I hope that they realize it is still a problem lol.

This Mastercard situation is different from what you’re experiencing. In fact, by your description, it’s a totally different issue.

You having trouble with a normal Mastercard is not the same as the vendro Maestro cards not being able to be setup for a subscription where previously they seem to have been able to.

For your issue Aidstation, I’d recommend clearing out your browser’s cookies and cache and then re-load the browser. See if that helps with adding your card. If not, you might need to reach out to Billing via a ticket to see if they can see anything else going on.


You may try a different browser entirely. I’ve seen some reports for folks having an issue that they were having trouble with Firefox but IE seemed to work fine, etc…


I tried purchasing game time, purchasing a subscription, and simply appending the debit card to my account as a payment method on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Canary dev thing). I constantly clear browser caches, I have proper funds in my account when attempting purchases, and every other maintenance thing/tweak to this process that I can do on my end, I have done repeatedly. I contacted both my bank and Mastercard directly, neither have an issue with the attempted purchases on their end (all are authenticated/ok’d from thier end). They show the amount charged to the card as $0.00 everytime I attempt to make a purchase from Blizzard and nothing happens. Also, I should mention that my card is in perfect working order as I have purchased a number of things from other merchants in the past weeks, days and hours. I can link a bunch of threads off the Blizzard forums here in the past 10 days with seemingly the exact same issue if that helps.


Still an issue. It is not accepting either my Capital one credit card, or my Visa debit card. Tried in Chrome and Edge

I got it, had to do it through the blizz app


This worked for me. Couldn’t get a subscription through on a Visa card using Chrome. Trying through the app finally did it.


I am using a VISA (the same one that was on my Blizzard Account Payment Methods page)

Multiple attempts to re-subscribe have failed

I have:
Deleted all payment methods (then re-input the VISA)
Verified Account Info is correct (aside from the Payment Methods above), and it was

If y’all want my money again it should be easy to give it to ya …

Oh, and for information purposes I was attempting to re-subscribe as Monthly

Oh, and I made multiple efforts to REACH the Accept (button that triggers the “charging of the card”) Button from different avenues, just in case that was the issue. I.e.: From Blizzard in game, from Browser (safari and chrome) through Blizzard Launch, from Browser (safari and chrome) through directly inputting Blizzard . com, et al. …

This problem is STILL occuring, regardless of whether you remove then re-load your payment method details when using a Visa Maestro Debit card (which is NOT a pre-paid card). It seems to be intermittant, you can successfully buy game time using your loaded payment method and then randomly it will tell you that it is no longer accepted and continuously give you error messages. Having checked (again) Blizzard’s “acceptable payment methods” there should be no problem with this as a Visa Debit Card is listed as “acceptable”. When is this “known issue” going to be sorted out please…? Want to hear the response from Blizzard, thanks.
PS: Have tried using both Google Chrome and MS Edge to make this payment and receive the same error on both.
PPS: FINALLY…after having to restart my laptop and turn it off (numerous times) I was able to successfully repload payment details and get some gametime…but seriously…am I going to have to go through this BS every time I want to play WoW…?

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Is it a Visa debit card, or a Maestro debit card? I don’t believe they’re the same thing, and Maestro isn’t as widely accepted as Visa. If it’s Maestro, does the card have an expiration date and CVV code, or does it use a PIN for authorization?

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