Still having arena 123 macros, help?

#showtooltip polymorph(duck)
/target arena1
/ping [@arena1] assist
/cast [@arena1,exists] polymorph(duck)

What is wrong with this macro, its exactly like bicmex says.

I have it for poly, ss, and cs.

If I chain poly, ss and cs and then try to go back to my attack target, my game can’t remember who my attack target is and I have to manually target.

#showtooltip Polymorph
/cast [@focus] Polymorph
/ping [@focus,exists] Assist

replace focus with arena target, and remove the exist after @focus and it will work.

you don’t really need all the target and target last target stuff as it’s targeting an arena target.

Would be a little different if it was in open world/pve/etc.

Actually you do, because in Dragonflight arena 123 is broken, if you use standard arena123 macros like you are suggesting and you try to polymorph a priest who is los or in redemption form it will poly your target instead. Same thing if they shadowmeld or vanish or are out of range, it will poly your target instead of saying no target/out of range. This bug is still not fixed and I’ve submitted multiple bug reports this expansion, as have others.

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Yea lol. His macros work if you do not chain them. The problem is mage has 3 sets of arena 123 macros(Poly, Counterspell, and Spellsteal)+focus macros. So when you start chaining them without continuing to do dps on the kill target, the macros forget who your kill target is.

Para 123 works on my machine. :dracthyr_nervous_animated:

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But you don’t play mage with focus 123+poly 123, spellsteal 123, decurse 123 and counterspell 123 bound? I have all 5 bound and its been creating problems all of dragon flight. Especially when chaining the spells. Standard 123 seem to work decent, but every 20-100 games or so, there will be a rogue who vanishes or a priest who is redeemer or what ever, where it will sheep my target instead of @arena3.

If a rogue vanishes, causing you to be unable to target arena 1, wouldn’t this then force swap your target to the last target you had before your current target?

I’m not sure how the /targetlasttarget macros work but I do know that if you use them and you cs arena2>ss arena1>sheep arena3 and arena 2 is the kill target, the game won’t retarget arena 2, it will retarget your last target which is arena1. These macros do not create an issue in 2s because there are only 2 targets. They actually work close to perfect in 2v2. If you get rid of /target arena1 and targetlasttarget, you go back to the bug of the game sheeping your target instead of saying no target when priest is in redeemer form.

It targets the last target you had lol. So if you cannot change target because arena 1 is untargetable, then your current target won’t be your last target when it comes time to targetlasttarget.

Yea, like I said, they work in 2v2 but do not work in 3v3, not because of vanishing or redeemer, that does not cause a problemm. The problem becomes, you have to manually target your kill target in 3s; i.e - if you cs arena2>ss arena1>sheep arena3 and arena 2 is the kill target. The game will retarget arena1 after your sheep completes. You then have to manually target arena2 if you wanna DPS unless you are using standard arena123 macros. If you use /target arena1 and /targetlasttarget for all macros, which seems like a requirement with the redeemer/vanish bug, you will have problems in 3s but not 2s because there are only 2 targets in 2s. Sometimes you get issues in 2s, if you use /target in your de-curse macros, but its rare.

The only thing that would cause the macro to swap to a different target other than your current target is if arena 1 is untargetable.

well the macro does have /target arena1 in it, so it always switches target unless your target is already arena1.

If arena1 is not targetable, it will not switch target. This will cause the targetlasttarget to not be your current target, it will be your actual last target.

Yea, I am not sure how they work, all I know is if arena1 is in stealth and you try to sheep arena1, with bicmex’s macro, it will not even trigger. But if you use standard arena123 macros, it will sheep your target instead of arena1 if your target is arena2.

if the point is to stop the macro from casting on your target if arena1 is out of range or is not a valid target, why even target arena1. Just target yourself

Ah, never had a problem with it as I use modifiers on my arena 123 binds for cc. Or never noticed a problem with it causing the wrong target to be cc’d/kicked/etc.

Hell; I’m still using the same arena 123 macros from a decade ago without issue :smiley:

I also noticed that the /cqs portion of the macro was creating massive lag spikes on my machine that actually locked wow up for about 10 sec if I spammed them and started creating DPC latency style audio issues.

#showtooltip CounterSpell
/target [nomod] arena2
/cast [mod:shift, @arena2] Counterspell
/cast [mod:alt, @arena2] Polymorph
/cast [mod:ctrl, @arena2] Spellsteal

for example. I use ASD as my target arena 123 and modifiers for various things and have yet to see it fail. I still use sap 123 on modifiers to catch rogues/druids without issue and for arena targeting in general (I also have cc/interupts/etc on regular binds with a shift modifier for focus out of habit over the years for anything outside of arena).

Just tested it on retail, and it works as intended. Perhaps it’s just how you are setting up your arena 123 target/@123 macros? Something is obviously causing an issue, and it seems that the simplified macros I’ve been using forever are not having that problem, so it is likely your macro commands creating the issue with targetlasttarget.

I actually have a clip of it - Like if the druid comes out and bashes and tries to clone, when you say @sheep druid and druid is in feral form, it will sheep the rogue instead of trying to cast a poly on his feral form.

I get these audio issues sometimes against boomkins.

I really don’t care about that part. You’re saying you’re having issues with the macro targeting your last target and you have to manually target.

Targetting and sheeping yourself could result in a dps loss or other disadvantages, as you need to be able to counterspell your target, spellsteal your target etc, without having to manually target the druid to the sheep him.