Still 2 ret paladins in every game

This can’t be healthy for PvP…

This is by far the worst Solo Shuffle has ever felt to play…


I imagine there’ll be more tuning in the coming weeks. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

It’s only a few months old lol.


People are interested in the rework. People decided to reroll rets months ago when the rework was announced. Now that they got nerfed and are in line with other classes you’re still complaining lmao just have to deal with it at this point.


not worse than going 5-0 then leaver


& complaining as a MAGE LOL you destroy rets


Every lobby is just people playing around the ret(s). The ret just solo forces CDs, solo dispels everything even when their healer doesn’t, solo sacs and bops. Just stupid absurdness that shouldn’t even be in the game.

“Interested in the rework” is a funny way to say “FOTM rerolling”. Rets are not in line with other classes, as evidenced by the hundreds of hardstuck lifetime challenger rets suddenly getting +600-700 rating than they’ve ever had cough


Rets fine, spec is killed, no Rets in solo shuffle anymore, queue up y’all.


Didn’t think there were so many Ret players until I came on these forums and see people defending this crap lol


I mean this was pre nerf.

It’s still post nerf 1

(Labeling the number of nerfs it takes till Solo Shuffle is playable again)

Ret is no stronger than demo currently is. There are just a lot of people playing it currently, because for the past few months the spec was practically unplayable. That combined with how absurd it was before the nerfs, has tons of people flocking to the spec. Wait like a week and you’ll probably see a lot less rets. Imagine if they released evoker mid season, how many evokers would you see in every lobby for the first week. Current ret is pretty much a new spec so a lot of people are trying it out.


This is pre nerf. Are you delusional or just an idiot? Ret is once again a kill target and lacks mobility. Stop crying & get guud


It’s post nerf, but I understand you are trying to push as high as possible atm.

We are currently post nerf yes, your numbers are pre nerf tho.

My numbers are of 2 rets per game, are today… post nerf 1.

Yea, the nerfs weren’t enough. Most people who aren’t biased by either A. playing a ret or B. benefiting from a ret are in consensus about this.


Maybe try reading my first paragraph lol. It’s a new spec. People are going to play it. Also people being at your mmr does not make the spec op. You are very low.

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Do you agree or disagree that both warrior and demo are just as strong as ret currently

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Never said or implied that… anywhere in any of my comments…

Subtle rating shame, also 2400 being “very low” is a touch grass statement.

Anyone unbiased would disagree.