Stealth Mage Tower Nerf for SPs

Raest follows you now that you kill the brother…

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It’s not stealth it’s listed. Good change. Gimmicks are bad. Tuning is good tho. Which is needed for many


no such thing as a stealth nerf, the hotfixes are typically implemented first then told a few minutes later.

anyways now people have to get good to kill one of the easier bosses i guess.

Ah there it is finally made it to phase 5 doing the slow strat (still really hard to get to phase 5) and I see Raest SWIMMING towards me. Yes blizzard can’t get the flying animation right so I see this goofball swimming at me shooting fireballs. I guess slow strat is out!

Agreed, hope it gets tuned to where the gimmicks are not the thing to do. I still think it needs HP nerfs though for some specs. At least the Warlock strat with the Drain Life is probably easier to pull off now though if his enrage is lessened (wonder by how much).

Same with affliction. They want it to suck.

Get good at what? The challenge? Because this stupidity has nothing to do with how you play your class. The builds are dumb and the gearing is ridiculous.


use normal gear then? idk

Wow weird considering all the tryhard elitist wonk types here were certain that was a perfectly normal strat. How strange that they changed it since it’s blatantly obvious, just as the original, it was designed to be a juggling act.

Ahh so the that Thing of Nightmare I watched vanish wasn’t a bizarre one off.

It’s not listed. He is chasing me before his brother dies. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

It’s this.

So he doesn’t just stand in the middle at the end he now swims around through the air every time he’s active.

Using agony on a lot of the adds to maintain the stacks for drain life could help after killing Karam.

After many hours of pulling this boss and getting killed when boss is at 8 or 10% only to find that the boss now chases me. On every initial time I’m able to do damage to him he follows. Even if I’m directly on him, he moves. He continues to chase as I try to do the mechanics and avoid getting one shot by his brother. This then moves all his actually runes he summons. The hands seems to stay in the same place.

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