Stealth ability doesn’t feel stealthy because of Spy

Yeah, and the 40 man stutter stepping through MC was sooo fun. lols
Bet you downed him too though, huh?

Need I quote everything you’ve ever said to remind you that you said it? Ffs…

yea its a joke

And I taunted the guy who’s been taunting the entire thread for almost a month. Come on now, if you dish it you should take some of it.

your making up things or/ taking it out of context thats not really taunting its being well i can’t say it without getting a forum ban. SOOOOO try again scrub?

Nice repeat edits, bud.

alt tabbing macro has betrayed me

With you, any day of the week. Hell, I started a rogue a little over a week ago and it’s already higher than the one you’ve not played in a month. You’re just trolling on the forums between work because you think it’s fun.

pretty sure i have been over why i dont level this toon. I don’t get why scrubs all think that level 60 is what makes a player. i like fighting om stv i like making sure people are in the same bracket as me so they cant complain about a level 60 ganking their level 40, and you don’t get any xp from pvp. so go on please tell me why i have to level 60

Because ganking no geared players questing in STV is some solid content worthy of months worth of gameplay with literally no endgame besides twinking later on, which isn’t even happening until BG’s, which does nothing for you rn since oh wait, you aren’t geared for twinking.

ehh its fun enough for me what you like is not the same thing as what i like and i honestly do care what you think is fun i only care about what I enjoy. if you think you can shame me into level this toon you got another thing coming.

Yeah, the great god of the combat log in original vanilla that dominated everyone with his superior knowledge feels like ganking kids questing is the prime example of some pvp. Alright.

I just don’t think you’re going to level because I don’t think you’re actually playing. Couldn’t care less, honestly. Shows what kind of person you are in game though.

sigh its like your not even trying yawn

If you could careless then maybe you shouldn’t be bring up my level because it certainly sounds like you care quite alot mr scrub.

I couldn’t care less if you level, you’re correct. However I do find it funny that you don’t level and claim you gank lowbies all day.
That is worth a reply, as is most things I find humorous. Thanks for inquiring.

didn’t say lowbies said people in the same bracket as me ie people my level. didn’t say I do it all day ether i said it’s all i do on this toon i do have other toons. are you gonna keep stepping on the rakes?

I mean, you told me before that was your main. Do you gank on a level 10 mage or something?

no i have a mage and a prot warrior my rogue is just for fun times in stv but i’m not really good as a mage and tanking im down right horrible but i have always loved my rogue. if you cant figure it out i have a different definition of main… and thats another rake.

Unverifiable fake news from someone claiming to have used it in 2005 for no other reason than to prove their position in 2019 in a world where no one used it in 2005.

Seems legit.

If you’re having to say your definition is different, it’s safe to assume you’re just misusing the word… How do you expect anyone to understand you like that?
The writing as well as the comprehension? Ffs… Fr…

no im having to say it because clearly you see it as one way and i see it as and for the sake of clearing the air you need to be pointed out that we have different view points on what a “Main” is that does not imply that either of us is wrong.