State of Mistweaver PVP - Shadowlands (Week 1)

let MW bubble while stunned

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Let MW use life cocoon while stunned and add back the PVP talent that makes roll remove snares.

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Let MW die in piece, dev team and their management are missing in action since second season of BFA.

Healing sphere is fine as it is. When our main throughput CD also gets us 1 shot by dispel protection and is rendered completely useless, I think it’s fine to have healing sphere compensate for that. It requires you to position the orb, it requires your partner to actually recognize it and walk into it, and it has a decent mana cost - that and you give up a talent spot for it.

I could be wrong but I don’t think any other spec has CDs that are completely unusable because of something like dispel protection.

Stopped reading after this. No, it isn’t. MAYBE if it had a longer CD or something like that, but as it stands, no. There’s no reasonable argument for how unoutplayable this is for certain specs. Aff lock pretty much autoloses vs any MW that takes (and uses) this ability because their entire spec is based on UA allowing them to maintain DoT uptime.

There’s no excuse for an ability undermining the fundamental mechanics of the game like this.

lmao, monk already does well vs dot cleaves without spheres because it puts REM on gigasteroids and RoP works precisely as intended. If you want to blatantly ignore zoning mechanics play a DH

Yes, so why do they need to also undermine the basic mechanics of the game (dispel protections) on top of this?

Maybe it’s working as intended, maybe not (only the devs know for sure)… But it certainly undermines a fundamental of WoW (Diminishing Returns), regardless of whether or not it is intended. If you play triple monk you can RoP someone over and over with no DR. Typhoon, Thunderstorm, Shining Force, etc. etc. etc ALL DR properly so that this cannot happen. RoP is the only exception and it’s not okay, contrary to your biased opinion.

Nobody asked for this, stop being dramatic and ridiculous, it only hurts your own credibility.

RoP isn’t a tehcnical knock back, it’s a zoning mechanism. If you’re getting stuck in a RoP pin, you’ve been outplayed.

Provided feedback on my main many times. Rework needs to happen in order for mw to be good or have some old tools back. Sadly, I think it’s going to stay like this for awhile.

Nobody mentioned this. Also, if this, with no context, is your bar for an example of ‘outplay’ provided then idk about your qualifications for commentating on PvP design.

Lol? Describe what it does then when dropped on a player or when they try to move through it (without sounding ridiculous like you’re trying to dance around the truth).

It zones you. If you’re trying to move through it and not being successful, then the spell is working exactly as intended. If you are getting knocked out of the zone then the spell is also working precisely as intended.

Try again.

We have more views than Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns

Keep it up folks!

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i think hunters have one knock that exists outside DR still, don’t they? explosive trap or bursting, one of the two

Explosive trap exists as does Bursting Shot, and I’m pretty confident they both obey normal DR rules…
I’m no Hunter expert, though.

Oh, and I also forgot… RoP is on the list of official “Knockbacks” in the official CC DR thread… Additionally, you can move through RoP freely if you’re already knockback DR’d from another knock; it just does not apply its own DR because it’s not working as intended.

lol more views less attention

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I hope that the PTR 9.1 brings us good news.

Add a longer CD to it, take a charge away. Do something to make it more balanced in your eyes. I’m fine with that. But for me I just consider it compensation for the fact that dispel protection makes our only good throughput CD in arena unusable without killing yourself.

MW has been trash since the beginning of this xpac, and I understand that doesn’t make it okay to undermine dispel protection in the way you suggest. But we need something in lieu of near on no spec changes since beta. Right now the spec deals well with dot/rot, but unfortunately can’t handle the incredibly high burst meta that exists. Let us be good at something, at least you wont see the spec enough for it to matter.

Our lord and savior Mysticall has spoken his thoughts about 9.1 MW updates - Honest Thoughts About 9.1 Mistweavers in PvP

May not be as promising as I originally read.