Starter edition upgrade

starting off with just the starter edition installed (new player and hope wow is not dying) does a subscription only unlock the base game? i can download the complete collection but i don’t know if i can keep my account because it says new account req?

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A subscription will unlock everything up to the Legion expansion, which will take you to level 110. To go further than that, you’ll need the most recent expansion, Battle for Azeroth. If you’re brand new and still leveling your first character, there’s no need to jump straight to that, though, although it does come with a 110 boost if you do want to go straight to end game content.

The complete collection is for new accounts; since you already have an account and have been playing, I don’t think that will give you anything you don’t already have.

Welcome to the game! Hope you’re having fun. :slight_smile:


okay that makes more sense, thanks! :slight_smile: i will just sub for now

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Starter accounts qualify for complete collection. If you already have any expansions then you just have to buy battle for azeroth. Back after a long break and tried to buy complete since I’ve been gone since mists of pandaria and only my trial account qualified. Anyone that has any previous expansions applied to an account has to buy bfa for that account to go past legion content.

As long as you haven’t purchased the full game, I think that you can still qualify for the Complete Edition.
(Can poke Customer Service to double check there, I’m not 100%.)

As for downloads, your Battle Net App/Launcher will keep WoW up to date and have you install updates and patches as they come out. Buying WoW, Battle For Azeroth, or Complete Edition simply enables your account to access the content. No downloads are needed as you already have the files.

And don’t worry about the game dying rumors. It isn’t as popular as it was a decade ago, but there’s still plenty of players around. :slight_smile:
(People have been saying that WoW’s dying for years and it’s still around. :wink: )


Right? People have been saying it’s not gonna last since cata. Maybe sooner but I don’t have the best memory. Lol. Yet here we are YEARS and 4 xpacs later. I feel lvl cap will be 200 atleast before it shuts down. Hopefully at that point though, they allow the private servers(like the old vanilla servers before blizzard got evolved) to exist so people can enjoy the game for as long as they like. I hope whatever big MMO that does steal the WoW spotlight in the future is good. Kinda miss asheron’s call tbh. Lol

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thanks everyone, I decided to give in and dropped a sub and purchased the BfA expansion, my life is complete now :slight_smile:


I bought battle for azeroth but the game says im still starter edition and i cant use my lvl 110 boost,mind helping?

Check the status of your transaction on to see if it’s still pending or is marked as completed.

It can take up to 24 hours for all limitations to be removed but you can start gaining Xp above level 20 immediately.

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