Start your own group. Stop complaining about being declined 24/7. Start your own group

Post after post about non meta specs getting declined for hours on end. Believe it or not there is a handy tool in the group finder that allows you to start your own group to do mythic dungeons and the best part is you can accept whoever you want!

And before you tell me that you don’t want to make your own groups, let me stop you right there. START YOUR OWN GROUP. It’s a night and day difference as the majority of people don’t care who they run with.

I did the majority of my mythic plus runs as sub by making my own groups. After getting declined like a lot of people repeatedly for days, I decided enough was enough. This is what you must do.

The people who are declining you are getting dozens of applications. They are going to pick the highest item level person. So if you want to gear up you need to make your own standard and make your own group.

Repeat. Make your own group. Stop being lazy.

Make your own group.


Or better yet, join a M+ community, there’s hundreds of them, and amazingly, everybody in them joined BECAUSE THEY WAN TO DO CONTENT.


I think if you typed “start/make your own group” just one more time it would have really driven your point home.


Except when they leave mid run.


Can you recommend a good M+ community?

Honestly I just used the community finder and searched by # of members, a lot of the time what you’re looking for is quantity, then quality. Legit can’t remember which ones I’m in rn (at work).


The solution isn’t people “making their own group”, enough people have cited the issues with that in plenty of threads already, and simply repeating the same statement ad nauseam doesn’t magically make it work for everyone.

The problem is the system.

The playerbase shouldn’t be the gate that decides whether or not other players can access content, period. It’s bad design. I get that some folks love the current LFG system but that’s because it works for them, it doesn’t work for everyone. And people “making their own groups” doesn’t get away from this problem.

I won’t reiterate the solutions others have already posted since they’re already, well, posted. I just want to emphasize that doubling-down on non-solutions doesn’t actually solve over-arching systemic problems.


I actually started doing that plus im part of a guild and a commu ity…which…makes things so much easier
.specifically for mages and another community for raids…plus my normal guild…

The only real solution is stop sucking and getting gud. There is no other way unless:

  1. Mythic raid mechanics are nerfed so it becomes faceroll for around 50% playerbase.
  2. Pay for carries.

Just be careful of what you wish because you may get it.


The solution is patience. You’ll get in something eventually.


It is a solution, and to deny that is foolishness or wilful ignorance.
Mayhap it does not work for all, but the ultimate in madness is seeking that which doth: That is seeking perfection, clutching smoke. Well enough is as it implies, well enough, and methinks the choice resting in the hands of players is better than having it dictated down them by what powers may be if that is aught alike to thy proposal.

The best solution was already pointed out, though, and I think bears repeating:

this is the typical 12 year old answer. get original.


Endeavoring to better one’s self isn’t juvenile course, but if it helps you to get along then believe as you will.

And there’s also…

Start your own group.

The playerbase is only ‘gating’ access to their groups.

Theyre not sitting outside instances refusing to let people in.

Theyre not coming to break your kneecaps if you try to make your own group.


saying “stop sucking and get gud” is a juvenile response.
If you endeavor to help someone improve their skillset, then do that. Being negative and stupid about it helps no one.

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Anyone can build their IO score enough to get access to higher keys eventually. The unspoken issue is most of the players complaining about IO want to get into 10’s and higher right away without putting in any effort.

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I made my own group last night. The tank bailed halfway through the run. Admit that M+ is hot garbage with randoms.

That would break his bias narrative. Neither side will admit or agree with one another about mythic + these topics should be written off as troll bait ban and move along.

What “solutions” ?
The person wanting to do a M+ can chose anyone he likes for any reason, right ?
So if you have 2 mages applying, one of them WILL BE REJECTED.
Now, some may reject based on spec. Nothing wrong here
Others based on ilvl, still nothing wrong
“Make your own groups” IS the ONLY right solution. Then you can decide, what people you want to bring with you at your discretion.