Starsurge buffing Starfire makes no sense

Depending on how spicy things get and what you’re healing, I’ve just swapped healing runes as a boomkin and just sling wrath while i heal.

Which is nice since the rune that makes it free allows you to dps if its chill. And you can proc an instant cast heal. (Names elude me atm)

Definitely some variety in how you can play either at least.

oh yeah the wrath rune has been permanently engraved into my gear since I got it!

I’m 29 and in shimmering flats atm, I cant even kill a 32 scorpion, chain resists everything til I go oom…I mean wth is this crap? Starsurge was the only good thing we had, you can’t afford stand there and cast 3 second spells to have them resisted…

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Buddy, generally killing enemy’s 4 levels higher isn’t a good idea unless you have lots of spell hit and mitigation in case they hit you.

Unless you are a Priest or a Hunter, you might wanna stick to killing enemies your level.


Why troll? I don’t get it. Literally every other class has no issue with it. They made is incredibly hard to quest as a boomkin now. You clearly don’t play one then why comment. It sucks to quest as a boomkin now. Those are just facts.

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You know, that actually makes a lot of sense. Fixes both the PvE and PvP problem.

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I never debated the fact that it is harder now, I just gave them a tip, because mobs more than 3 levels higher will generally chain resist you. Without mitigation or passive healing it will be long and arduous process that will end up with you being OOM or dead.

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Is the pushback resistance from Eclipse working yet?

Yes, but it’s not 100% so it still routinely feels bad while out trying to solo. Especially with some bad RNG.

Aggrend just said on twitter though that more changes are on the way. They expect to fix the double dip Starsurge has right now on crit from Eclipse so expect a 30% crit chance reduction for Starsurge, but they have other buffs on the way to fix things allegedly.

It appears to be working fine. It’s 70% and it’s only for Wrath and Starfire. That’s it. It doesn’t prevent pushback on any other spell.

I had no issues this morning.

I have had no issues. If you have multiple attackers it might be spicy, but for the most part you’re casting spells so quickly the 30% chance for pushback is almost impossible.

I never even attempt to kill mobs 4 levels higher and 3 levels only when i have no choice (because boomies can’t kill mobs 4 lvl’s higher) they need to tweak mob resists for all casters not just boomies.

my goodness, even more nerfs?

Hopefully they buff something

I just wish it didn’t also look like starsurge is hitting you. I always do a double take and look for the boomkin shooting at me.

Edit: They did it! :smiley:

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its so ally has stormstrike

Not to mention, the entire point of dream state is to spam wrath for 8 seconds, only using SF to generate more eclipse charges for wrath.

Now I’m forced to use a 2.1 arcane second cast within that 8 second nature debuff window. Even further reducing my damage.

The class need to be balanced by someone who actually plays it. Not a paladin.


Yes, he said expect buffs

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He also called the massive nerf a buff. So I’m expecting it to somehow just get worse.


They do resist all casters equally, the only difference is most classes have talents that increase spell hit chance.

On my Shadow Priest I would have to spam SW:P before one actually hit, which is not healthy for my mana (200+ mana per cast). Of course I didn’t take the hit talent because I mostly PvP.

Leveling is tough for Boomies because they don’t have push back resistance or spell hit talents (I think, I didn’t play much Boomie in classic).

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Someone at Blizzard let their kid try a tuning change, that’s adorable. Can one of the adults please fix it so boomkins are viable again? Thanks

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Amen. Make Oomkins into Boomkins again.

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