Stalaggs first grand Marshall


I was one of the people who helped selenia(sp) get rank 14 during vanilla on azgalor.

To get rank 14 he was playing 18 hours a day with rotating premades and he had to take a day off he had to have one of his friends play his account for him.

Rank 14 is prestigious i guess, but what it takes to get it just doesnt seem worth it to me, besides being unhealthy.

I beleave i hit rank 9 or 10 and thats what i will be shooting for again.

As an aside, we both played Rogues and my Rogue had better stats after i was BWL geared and i didnt need to no life the game so there is that to consider also.


There’s a weekly “minimum” honor amount to increase rank which if you don’t achieve you lose rank, then theres a weekly maximum amount that your rank can be increased, with different “slots”, being that a slot is like 50% rank up, 40% rank up, so on and so on. Your slot bracket will be based on the honor you gained relative to everyone else.

The higher rank you are, the less amount of slots there are, that’s where the competition comes in.


My main question about the honor rank system is that the server size is about 10x more than in classic, but is the slots for rankup the same, meaning you can only get 1x rank 14 a week? This could make the grind which was the most intense thing wow ever had nearly 10x worse.


yea what i was mainly wondering too


I still to this day think that the Honor system in Vanilla wow has to one of the poorest design decisions ever made.

Especially since you have to basically give up your entire life to get rank 14 gear that is on par with MC gear and inferior to any raid after.

Especially since they never opened up alternative paths to pvp gear even after large amounts of people could pug MC.


Leading the Alliance in the War Effort is no joke! The Grand Marshal does not need a job for being the Grand Marshal of the Alliance is a job!


The retool of the stats on the gear made it a lot better. The gear was equivalent to tier 2.5, with more stam and damage, and for some classes it was better for dps, i.e. stat weights from rank 14 are geared towards damage while stat weights on tier gear was geared towards healing/tanking.


It really wasn’t. People like to resort to hyperbole. I got to HWL, along with 36 other members of my guild. All of us played after we got home from work or school, none of us lost jobs over it.

It simply comes down to making a system where your guild wins BGs so fast that no other contenders on your server can compete–and then capping the amount of honor any one member of your guild can make, and establishing a ranking order.

I imagine this might be harder this time around due to how much larger servers are, and X-Realm queues ensuring theres always matches going 24/7, but at least in Vanilla, it was not unreasonable.

It just required dedication, and a support group. Something many people today appear to be lacking.


This is the difference. I wonder how the caps will look and how many will participate.


1v1 crendor every day and you’ll get grand marshall


Good luck winning AV.


Also working with other players on your faction. You can easily help and support each other to R14.

Are you going to be pushing Rage?


Most likely not–at least not immediately. I’ll certainly be spending my fair share of time in BG, but I have no clear goal at the moment to start down that path.

(In Vanilla I only started grinding rank because I was too poor to afford an epic mount otherwise).

But it’s a time issue these days!


I wholeheartedly agree lol. I can’t dedicate all my time to grinding, but I’ll certainly spend A LOT of time in BGs. Undecided if I want to stay a healing spec or go shadow though. Either way, hope to see you in there.


I admire your tenacity

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I feel like after reading through this some people are about to be really mad that BGs are coming out cross-server not just your server alone. So being the best on your server guild wise won’t save you


That’s not how it works. Do some research instead of spewing bs.

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Won’t the honor calculations still be server based though? Despite being able to queue cross-realm, all that will allow is for people to get into BG’s faster and more steadily. Those cross-realm players shouldn’t effect honor calculations besides maybe inflating honor needed per server slightly.


Why are all the ally leaving stalagg


Because it’s a 70:30 (horde-favored) ratio, and they can’t get over wPvP. So, it’s been a common question on our server forums if the alliance are actually going to stay.