Stalagg or Herod?

I’m going Stalagg and dragging a couple others with me.

How are people making characters on multiple server. I get the message I can’t?

Not going to happen. Maybe a 10 minute wait at most.

3 per account. If they have more names, they used more accounts.


If they manage to make it 20 mins or less I would be fine with it, but the fact they stated SEVERE leads me to believe it’s greater than 20 mins.

You Stalaggians are all traitors! No one leaves Herod!


Think I am going Stalagg. Have no desire to wait in a 1hr> q.

Highly doubt it will have population issues.

I just… I love you…:rofl::rofl:

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Would you rather have 1 mega server with 1h+ queues and 1 dead server, or 2 awesome servers with healthy population? Then the obvious answer is Stalagg. Don’t suffer from FOMO syndrome; roll Stalagg now, it will steadily gain in population and then the population will explode on the 26th.

Recently deleted all 3 of my Grobbulus toons and I’m betting all-in on STALAGG!

Hmm. We are waiting for more information to decide. Right now Id like to see if Stalagg goes higher pop.

Sounds like the RP servers will best suit you and your guild. No pun or insult intended but RP servers tend to always lag behind in raiding progression compared to pvp>pve and there for sure won’t be any try hards on RP servers.

Definitely not. We love open world PvP.

go Stalagg please

That’s fine, there are RP-PvP servers.

I’m just saying from what you listed in your original post these type of servers seem most fit for you and the crew.

Try to have an open mind about it.

Lol. We won’t be RPing. We won’t go to an RP server if we aren’t RPing. That only hurts Grobbulus. We want a less hardcore server because we are time-constrained players. Not because we are weak as players.


Herod is going to be massive queues to login, and full of toxic sweaty a holes. Avoid it all cost.

Stalagg will 100% be high population by the time classic rolls out. You can’t just look at the population today because thats just a small % of people who were big into the name reservation. THere’s an even larger population that will be joining once classic finally releases.


I got two names on Herod on day 1. Now I am planning on deleting one and putting one on Stalag. I am not a fan of extended queue times.

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I’m not going Grobbulus myself, I did think about it for the aspect of being no streamers or hardcores, my crew and I will be on Fairbanks.

From my understanding RP servers aren’t highly monitored or enforced, if they’ll be enforced(other than the right click report auto bots) at all who knows. Just as long as you have a name that somewhat matches your race… HondaCivi wont work… You’ll be fine.

Just keep all the the chatter to Guild or Discord and be a mute in the world, other than OOC.

The other option since Stalagg is already Medium pop and likely to be high pop by release, and all the other PvP servers are now High or Locked, wait out till release day. If the server populations are this high already, think of all the people with out subs… More so pServer hard cores. Blizzard will add more servers if the demand is there.

If you’re already got your name saved on what ever server it is that’s fine, you get 50 character slots per account so once a new server is opened just make sure you snag your name/s and guild charter on it in case moving becomes a better option for you and your crew.

Was thinking about going from herod to stalagg… but my names were already taken there, the decision is easy now. (I’d love it if someone could tell me how character names aren’t important :rofl:)

It really makes no sense to me why we have 5(6) pvp servers and 4 normal servers, that’s not the ratio at all. I could’ve told you this was a bad idea years ago.