Squelched or "Silenced" for no reason other than pvping

I was mass reported for killing a horde by a bunch of alliance for whatever reason I’m not sure? Anyways because of the mass reports I’m unable to type in game or with my b-net friends making classic pretty much unplayable.

I didn’t say anything offensive or anything that could possibly be against TOS to warrant a silence and I seriously hope this type of behavior (false reporting) Is punishable because this has happened to me at least 4 times (false reporting to silence) and I feel like everyone does it because there are no negative consequences for doing it.

Account actions arent allowed to be disscussed on the forums best i can suggest is apeal. My best advice for the future is someone is rude to you report for language and ignore do not respond in any way or form u will get into less trouble that way.

Thats the thing… I didn’t reply I didn’t say anything not even a hello but still I managed to be silenced for no reason.

There has been a backlog of reports and this couldve been from a infraction months ago I should warn you if u press the issue A blue mite go into detail and you dont always want that.

I highly doubt it since the people were spamming “report him report him” in chat because I killed a horde. I’m 100% positive its recent.

Truth is mass reports will achieve nothing if u did nothing wrong you wont get account acctioned if u get mass reported and did nothing wrong. I can gaurentee you that .

Heres a couple of things squelches are based on things said and are applied automaticly so something was said other wise you wouldnt have been squelched SIlences are applied manualy by a GM who reviews the logs based on reports had you said nothing wrong squelch wont result in a silence but if u violated chat rules you would be silenced and the penalty doubles every time.


It achieves me not being able to type or play the game because communication is key in classic. Frankly I think its very disappointing that you can be silenced for doing nothing.

You werent silenced for being mass reported you were either silenced for somehing u said this time or something in the past that violated the TOS if this is the 4th time youve been silenced clearly your saying something thats causing u to get reported.

Is it a squelch or a silence? A squelch can happen if enough people report you, but that only lasts until a GM reviews the report. If it’s found to be baseless, the squelch is removed (and if people are found to be maliciously reporting, they can get actioned - of course due to privacy rules you would not be told if this happened or not).

A silence only happens once the report is reviewed and it is determined that a violation of the rules took place. If this is the case you will get an email stating how long it is for. When I last played (which has been almost 3 years ago now, sheesh), it started at 24 hours and doubled each time. I don’t think it’s changed.


Let’s try to avoid hyperbole when posing possible scenarios, please.

Weve seen blues go into details if theve felt it was necessary weather or not they will in this case is up to there discreation.

I think Alvie was referring to the implication that there is/was a months-long backlog of player reports. I don’t think any backlog has ever been more than maybe a week, at the very most.


If your own faction get mad enough at you to call for “report him, report him” for you just killing 1 horde and you saying nothing, I must ask; the horde in question was it a priest working on mc’ing Mattingly or Afrasiabi for resetting for buffs by chance? Not saying that is a valid reason to report you, just, that’s the only scenario I can see would make your own faction wanting you punished in some way for just killing a horde.

I think there’s more to the story than being told, people just don’t report you for killing someone, if you said nothing, then how can people report you and killing someone is not an offense to silence someone, it is not automatic it is reviewed, so there was good enough reason to give you a silence, as I said before more to the story than whats being told here.

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It looks like you have a ticket open regarding this, seeking a review of the action. That’s the correct way to have this reviewed.

Since we don’t allow discussion of disciplinary actions on the forums though, I’m going to lock this topic.

Thank you for opening a ticket