SPY is against TOS. Why are people not getting banned?

Hey another person who doesn’t understand how add ons work.


Spy has not been around since vanilla, stop saying that.

Spy also is not against TOS, Blizzard allows like every addon unless its a bot.


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pretty sure i’m not talking to a random lvl 17 undead rogue who can’t barely get rival


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It doesnt target them for you, u have to click their name, it doesnt automate anything, its a modification to the ui to display relevant data it doesnt kick spells for you.


blizzard GM’s decide what violates the ToS and they have clearly decided Spy doesn’t.


Spy creates a player list of nearby opposing faction similar to battleground target addons.

I get the use of a bg addon, but honestly if you need that stuff in the world what are you trying to prove?

The game honestly isn’t hard enough to require that much automation. WPvP should be more about player awareness rather than who can read a list of character names auto generated for them.

The whole reason retail is what it is today is because of players wanting everything easier for themselves, and now we are proving Blizzard right by doing the exact same thing in classic.


It automates searching the combat log and generating a list.
If it didn’t automate anything it wouldn’t be an addon lol. It runs processes in the background as you play, automatically. It’s not even like you have to click a button to run a query.

So yes, it does perform an automated process.


It’s not against the TOS as is no more than any other add-on. If it did auto target and cast one of your insta cast spells to break stealth then that would be a problem (cool but a problem haha).


It can be set to automatically broadcast to party, raid or guild, and mess the reporting of hostiles and putting marks on a map.


as do 100+ other addons

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need to seperate the add ons you are talking about. PvE or PVP. PvE is player verses game. PvP is Player vs player, where your actions affect another player.


Hey, i said that for years before they finally did.

PvP spent 10+ years ruining pve and annoying us who did mostly pve


Ya, I want to empathize, but not really part of the topic.

Ability since vanilla yes
Spy as a distinct addon, no



No actual functional addon like it existed in Vanilla. Just because one may exist, doesn’t mean it was actually functional ingame or actually used by anyone.

The best part is that you don’t have to argue this point to argue for Spy. There are many addons used now that never existed in Vanilla.


from what I understand, is that it came in just before Burning crusades, and had like 400 downloads. Most of which where from blizzard testing the add on.

I mean, nothing was locked at that point to prevent it, it could have been a thing

and may have, but not publically

Sorry but the metaphysical possibility of an addon existing is not whats being argued if someone is trying to argue that “It existed in Vanilla”. This statement implies people used it in gameplay while in Vanilla. Because this entire thread is arguing the use of the addon for gameplay in Classic.

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