Spoilers: Winter Queen has a

Maybe Elune is her sister? Like an older more powerful sister?


Nah Eternals (ie Winter Queen) are just Pantheon of Death. I don’t think Blizzard will reduce Elune to a “Pantheon of X”.

WoW’s Dream is based on DC Universe’s The Green (Metzen confirmed this). Draenor also has a thing called the “Overgrowth” that is where dead Primals “return to” when they die, separate from the Evergrowth that is the “hivemind” of the Primals on Draenor.

From a reddit and forum post I wrote a while back:

Similarly on Draenor, we have the Primals who came from the Sporemounds, who were all part of a thing called the Evergrowth . However, the questgiver Birchus mentions a thing called “ The Overgrowth ”, where in the quest “Laying Dionor to Rest”, he says Dionor must be sent back to the Overgrowth as right now he’s still in reality and causing a “ nightmare ” growth, and Birchus says he no longer feels a desire to return to The Overgrowth.

So maybe each planet where plant-life and animal-life exists has a Dream-equivalent, but there is also one inter-dimensional Super Dream™ “Lifelands”.


This might be an ignorant or silly question but is there a reason why she is called the Winter Queen? like, what about her other than aesthetic and Rule of Cool :tm: connects her to the season?

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In most mythologies of people’s where significant seasonal changes occur, there are usually either 2 (dry vs wet), 3 (wet vs hot vs dry and cold), or in most of the West and US 4 seasons (spring summer fall winter).

The fall-winter periods represent how things die, rot, become barren, and prepare to regrow on the spring.

So she’s the Winter Queen borrowing on those concepts, in combination with “Unseelie” Fairy myths.

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That’s was the general line of thinking behind me wanting to see a Summer Queen. But since we don’t have any confirmation, or even hint, of a greater “Lifelands”, or some such, I just said the Dream for the sake of brevity.


The Spiritlands!

The Super Dream!

The Verdant Growth!

Honestly just plagiarize DC and go with The Green

Maybe slap an adjective

The Eternal Green, The Infinite Green

Totally random thought, but I wonder if Eonar the Life-Binder is considered her sister. As the Titan of life she is basically the Winter Queen’s living world counterpart.

Sister implies same parent(s) though.

And yes, Eonar was on Elunaria and gave the Keepers the Tear of Elune. And Winter Queen created Ardenweald which is mysteriously and suspiciously tied to Elune’s Night Warrior.

But Eonar is part of the Pantheon of Order ie the Titans. She’s “Order’s Life” so to speak.

If Winter Queen is “Death’s Life”, I would imagine her sister is “Life’s Death”, you know?

Well… if both pantheons were created by the First Ones to begin with then they would have the same “parents”. If you want to go out on a super speculative branch you could say Elune might of been the ‘mother’ of both of them. And also Xe’ra, apparently. Talk about complicated family dynamics.

Hard to say from a single line what is going on there. It is fun to ponder about in any event!

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At this point I honestly think the Naaru are just “Titan Keeper” level of power for the Light.

Like Xera is the Odyn/Raden of the Light. Not even a part of the “Pantheon of Light”


I am not entirely sure, tbh. Prime Naaru are supposed to be higher tier than normal Naaru. Even normal Naaru are sometimes pretty powerful. Like A’dal for example it is mentioned he would have the power to topple mountains and flatten cities if he fully unleashed it. Considering Xe’ra, she had been effectively dead and weakening for a long time before Illidan eye lasered her into bits… so hard to truly gauge her power

Ok, what if both are Elune’s daughters?

Both the Winter Queen and Eonar have ties to Elune in some fashion, Eonar seems to be the only Titan that escaped death in the hands of Sargeras and didn’t have to be resurrected (maybe she is connected to Ardenweald and used that as well). And that would also tie the emerald dream to Ardenweald as well, maybe the emerald dream is just a pocket dimension made to connect ardenweald to Azeroth.

The only… counterpoint to that let’s say, is that Eonar as a Titan was probably born inside a planet, but we don’t know if that is the case with every Titan, or some Titan, or even if that is the case, if that stops Eonar from being conceived by Elune, maybe the planets are just eggs, or… incubators for Titans.


Could be the Archon? The Titans seem to regard each others as siblings, so the Pantheon of Death could have a similar relationship with each other.


Most likely this, Primus voicelines datamined show that they see each other as a sort of family, and refers to The Jailer as “our brother”.


Willing to bet dollars to donuta her sister is Elune

At this point, I’m more curious if the Winter Queen has a name. We know the Archon’s name, Denathrius’s, even the Jailers. But not hers, as far as I’m aware.


Fuzzy Chillywizzle. Anyone who finds out must die.


Well, that would certainly explain why fey don’t like to reveal their true names.


Nah, Winter Queen is Elune’s daughter I bet. WoW is probably going to use a “Persephone” myth, with Zovaal or Runecarver being Hades.

Her, Primus, and Runecarver are nameless atm yes, and Winter Queen I wager is nameless due to Lore Implications.

Her name is probably “Selene” or something, or some other Moon goddess that intersects Fairy myth and Moon-related-European myths.

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Would they really be that on the nose about it, with Elune already being a slightly changed Selûne?