*Spoilers* Dragonflight epilogue

This was disappointing… What do you guys think? Azeroth blesses the dragons directly and makes them her aspectral representatives.


I’m disappointed that Vyranoth becomes an aspect. I always wanted to kill her in 10.1.


I thought it was good for what it was.


Vyranoth makes sense, they need an aspect of the elements now.

Most interesting thing to me is their new blessing is not Titanic in nature… so Azeroth must not be a Titan.


Story: B+. Vyranoth joining the crew is good, and the aspects getting their powers directly from Azeroth now is neat.

Dialogue: D. Cringey children’s cartoon stuff about the power of family and hugs.

Visuals: D. Really? They couldn’t frame the scene better than six people standing around in front of a cloudy haze?


It seemed a logical development given that the Titans are kind of… not around.

Budget, strikes, reorganistation of creative depts, it’s not been a good year for this kind of work.

And for which I am eternally grateful.


Take my opinion with a grain of salt, since Ive been playing DF for the last 3 months and not the last 2 years like everybody.

I like this, I’m missing a bit of action, but this is good closure of the base questline of this expansion. Vyranoth becoming an aspect is nice, wonder what will be her realm.

Also the buildup with the implication that Azeroth isnt a Titan, and how they are moving away from them might be interesting with how Tyr is being rebuilt at this point.

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ngl between this and Tyr coming back soon, its looking more and more like my prediction of Tyr being against the aspects will be right.

Especially since in Tyr flashback where he dies, every corrupted version of an Aspect that Zakajz shows ended up happening, with the final one being a relatively normal-looking Alexstrasza.

Now that she has embraced powers that weren’t granted by the Titans, it’s likely that this is something that Tyr will view as corruption once he returns.


Hopefully there is more than a huddle meeting on top of a spire

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Not even a real cinematic, just an in-engine one? Come on, man.

The story’s not great nor horrible, I actually like the idea of them being blessed directly by Azeroth, but the dialogue is really bad and cheezy. Vyranoth being an Aspect is also dumb.


Still a story finding its “roots” in a night elf genocide so the whole thing is a wash to me. I especially hate this being the reason why the aspects gain their powers.

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So what was the point of the oathstones? They dropped that plot like it’s hot.


Does Fyrakk get a cinematic showing his defeat or no?

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This was terrible. The tone, the dialog so much Saturday morning cartoon vibes.

The last two cutscenes I’ve seen - this one and the infinity/star wars rip off one - really is sucking the hype I had for the game away. The level of cringe is so high.

I can’t write for crap and Im not going to insult the writers but please be better.

But then again, maybe everyone else likes this and I’m in the wrong.


I believe he flew away. Then died after all the leaders show up to fight him, but yeah. He’s dead.

He seems dead in the ground? On the Stream i saw at least.

Yeah it was a way to end it…

Watch this…

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Yes, he isnt flying away, alsp the dialogue you linked pretty much shows fyrakk is dead.

I was thinking of that Marvel scene that was revealed a few days back. Idk that was what I remember… smh Though he dead and he was the one interesting character I was rooting for if only because I dreaded the outcome of rainbows and sunshine… That’s what we got. Can’t wait for Midnight.

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