[SPOILERS] Baine is


Sadly saved by anduin and jaina.

Can they keep him?


Nevermind, they were too late, that stupid cow is dead.

Lets have a feast :bacon::meat_on_bone:

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“Don’t worry guys, it’s totally not a MoP rehash!”


Baine is the one that warned Jaina in Theramore, allowing them to get the civilians to safety.

Tauren in general mesh way better with the Alliance than Horde. It feels like Blizzard clings to that “but they’re loyal” bullcrap too hard. They’ve been at odds with the greater Horde basically since Thrall stepped down (minus when Vol’jin was Warchief – but that’s partially because he did literally nothing before the story kicked him to the curb) and if they weren’t landlocked so close to multiple Horde races, it would’ve made sense for them to leave it ages ago.

Realistically they should be neutral (but Horde-leaning) rather than full blown Horde.


I love a good hamburger…


Joke, or legit?


legit just reading datamine in mmo champ


You’re not very good at spoiler alerts, are you?

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Lol I was thinking the same thing.


That… is very lazy. If this is true.

I’m not even a Horde player, and you’re killing more Horde leaders? Ones who actually embody the original Hordes spirit?

Geez Blizzard.

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Nice spoiler in the title.

In b4 delete.

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The Horde racial leader body count grows higher and higher…

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Did you think we were coming out of this mess untouched? Theyve painted up about 4 leaders to potentially die. If it has to be one though, im glad its Baine


I’ve read all the spoilers on wowhead and I don’t see anything about this so idk.


False alarm he still lives

My vision was of Baine. He was imprisoned alone, encircled by enemies.
A figure emerged from the shadows. The warchief.
She gave the word, and Baine… was executed.
The spirits whisper that he will be slain before the next sunrise.

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FYI the OP was making it up. The datamined info does not say what he claimed.


Jaina and Anduin saved him, they are taking him into the alliance now

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were is the source of this ?



Like I get it, half The Horde really hate characters like Baine, but we need to stop killing characters and start making new ones.

We will never get out of this ridiculous back and forth story limbo if we don’t bring in new characters.