(Spoilers) Ardenweald, Tyrande, Elune and Sylvanas

Though, considering how they are setting up Yrel … it might just be “maybe” the Draenei doing the smashing. The Lightbound certainly would tip the scales overwhelmingly in the favor of the Alliance should they show up; and don’t do something silly like ousting themselves. Who knows?

Well, technically they did get their revenge on the naga. The introductory leveling quests for troll players ever since Cataclysm involve finally confronting and killing the very same naga sea witch who drove them off the Darkspear Islands.


Not! They agreed to negotiate, not sign a peace!

As long as the Horde pays for all their transgressions then its worth it.

I just vomited in my mouth a little.

Weird question.

With Sylvanas being a Banshee, and her body essentially being kind of just a gross meat puppet she’s rolling around in. Is bringing her head really that big a gesture? I mean, sure, killing her physical body might be a pain for her … but as a Banshee does she even really need it? Most Banshees seem pretty unimpeded without theirs?


This is the final patch with sylvanas, she is dying

I don’t suspect Blizzard has thought that out any further than I have.

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I don’t want edgy ‘evil Light zealot’ draenei. Honestly I consider the Lightbound to be one of the dumbest things they’ve done, and that’s saying something. It means that canonically all our draenei friends from AU Draenor are now either dead or Light zealots with no personality beyond ‘Light good’.

I didn’t even like Lightforged that much because they usurped the story of our draenei due to Blizzard wanting more edgy crusader draenei around.

There is no world where I would be looking forward to meeting and/or slaying Soulbinder Tuulaani as a total Light zealot.


I really somehow doubt she’ll die in the raid. More likely she’ll get “Arrow’d in the Jailor’s Quiver” and linger around long enough to get some redemptive path. Likely in the form of being the key to denying the Jailor her replacement she helped make for him.

They already said this is the final chapter for her, in terms at least shadowlands

Not all final chapters end in death you knucklehead.

Right “Shadowlands” being the operative term here. Her popping up as a raid boss this early really makes me doubt she’s going to die in it. She’s more likely to get the Denathrius treatment, then captured.

Blizzard loves its glass boxes, they learned that with Illidan

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YEs but this means you are wrong, unless blizzard is lying, it means that she will have nothing to do with the jailer, which i think makes it more liking she dies, cause why would she live and then not being in the story for the final patch

Everything is in a glass box when it comes to blizzard.

Weird how the Banshee Sylvanas form has the same 6 ribbons as the Arbiter’s model, huh

Weird how Sylvanas’s core problem with the Shadowlands is how she was (assumed) judged, huh

“Shadowlands being her final chapter” =/= “9.1 Being her final chapter”.

They didnt say shadowlands, they said 9.1

Source? /10chars

blizzcon online interview with steve danser