Spires of Ascension - Massive Fps Drop (facing north)

I cannot pin-point the exact effect that is causing it, but it is caused by looking in a particular direction (north from the entrance).

For example, when you zone in the frame drop will already be in effect as you are facing north. If you turn completely to the west, there is a 20-30 fps gain.

It’s worth mentioning I never noticed it being this bad until the latest valor patch. With everything set to 1 or disabled in the graphics settings, I am dipping to 15-20 fps. My hardware isn’t super solid, but I was able to tank this dungeon reliably until the patch. Sadly, I can no longer participate in this dungeon.

If you could please look into this it would be much appreciate as some nice Guardian loot drops there :stuck_out_tongue:


Same, this dung broken now. 2070, 9600k,16gb ram and I’m not have stability 60 fps after 9.0.5. W8 any fixes please!


Exact same issue Zeal and only with Spires. I’ve tested every other dungeon on M+ and all H CN. Joined a Spires M+ went in first by myself to test and as you point out frame rate plummets immediately on zoning. Spent 15 minutes adjusting all relevant settings to lowest possible/off. No changes had any effect whatsoever.

Interesting that you mention camera direction as a possible factor bc while tanking a few +12 Spires keys I noticed at some points FPS would stay solid for a while then plummet again but I really wasn’t able to make any correlation as to potential cause. Posted about it in Mac Tech Forums bc Mac folks appear to be having FPS issues in general since patch so I thought that might be the root cause. It appears however the issue is more widespread.

Weird though, I tested normal/heroic/regular mythic Spires by myself and had no FPS issues at least pulling the whole first platform. Won’t be tanking Spires again until resolved. Thanks for posting,



It is unclear why there are so few answers in this thread, judging by the european forum, the technical problem of the patch leaves much to be desired and has affected a sufficient number of players.
And alas, i strongly doubt that this will be fixed on tuesday or later this week.


Same issue here, massive fps drops inside Spires of Ascension and Bastion zone too, anywhere else is working great.


Same exact issue, it’s only SOA post 9.0.5 massive fps drop makes the dungeon nearly unplayable. I’ve sent a support in, it seems no one at blizzard is acknowledging this is an issue.


I have been having a similar issue in Spires of Ascension on all of my characters since the 9.0.5 patch every time I look certain ways (mostly north toward the center platform) my frames drop up to 20 fps below what they were before the patch, I have also observed a similar occurrence in ardenweald whenever looking the the direction on an active anima conductor stream. The ardenweald performance issues only occur on my night fae demon hunter where I have the anima conductor active and is noticeably absent on any other character that does not have the anima conductor active/unlocked. I think it might be an issue with the anima conductor streams considering these are also present throughout the Spires of Ascension dungeon. I have tried the usual fixes of resetting the interface, disabling addons, updating my gpu drivers (a gtx960 2gb) and nothing seems to be fixing the issue, even when I lower my graphics setting to minimum the framerate does not improve in the areas mentioned.


Possible temporary solution.
After deleting config.wtf, the video card overuse issue is really fixed.
I don’t understand why need so many times it takes so long to fix it?

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I tried this and did not see any changes and am still experiencing the framerate problem


Got a blue to respond, it might help if more people respond to this too

Friend of mine who started Playing last week is also having this problem, any of you could fix that “North Direction” issue ?

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This dungeon is completely unplayable when I’m on my laptop, which does not have a video card. I would blame the laptop but every other dungeon and zone is fine. The lag in Spires is so bad and my FPS drops from 45ish to 10. As others have noted, changing the video settings down to 1 does not change anything.


I am having this same issue. FPS drops to 16 and it is extremely difficult to play as healer. I have to take this dungeon off of my list.


There was a post on the EU forums with a possible fix, I tried it (except for the first step as suggested) and it seemed to significantly improve things to the point where my performance is about the same as it was before the most recent patch. I’m unsure if this is a temporary fix or not but I think others should try it and see if they can get some improvement too. (I changed both window size and resolution scale to their minimum values in step 2 as it resulted in a even larger fps boost in the affected areas once the whole process was complete)

A player also did an analysis on the problem and seemed to get an idea of what was causing it.

I found on reddit forum mention to try go into your wow folder, retail, remove config wtf… it actually solve my problem. I also did reset my wow setting interface/system graphic… I don’t lag anymore and can see more crispy clear

Here is what worked for me just now, been having this problem since 9.05 update and have neglected spires at all possible cost because of it. facing anywhere but north was my issue and causing my frames to go from 35-45 when they are usually 80-100 in all other dungeons. I just went into spires to test and the fps is back at 85-100 for spires.

  1. Go to system settings, under graphics turn your resolution to the lowest possible setting. apply
  2. then go advanced and to the graphics api setting and turn it to “directx 11 legacy”, clikc apply, then turn it back to 12, apply
  3. return your resolution setting from lowest back to it’s original, apply (mine was 1920x1080)
  4. enjoy your old spires fps

yeah that’s what works for me too, sucks that I have to do it every time I log on but happy there is at least a temporary fix

This issue is still occurring in 9.1

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I made a GM ticket about this sort of thing in vanilla (or maybe BC) way back. Sometimes in some places facing a certain direction causes large FPS drops, sometimes even when you’re indoors and can’t see very far. Even in Oribos, standing still and zooming your camera in a meter closer from behind you to slightly less behind you can significantly affects your FPS for no apparent reason, and I have a PC that’s probably in the top 10%.

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