Spell batching is complete cancer

So earlier today I was farming winterfall e’ko and i get the first tag on High Chief of Winterfall. Somehow, a mage who arcane explosioned gets the tag even though I SEE PHYSICALLY that my damage hits the boss first. Somehow, he gets the tag. Truly annoying because I know 100% with absolute certainty that i damaged the boss first but due to this retarded spell batching mechanic, the mage gets the tag.

How about when I’m killing elite mobs in Winterspring for E’ko and I eviscerate the giants at low health, killing the giant, and somehow its melee attack goes off as well and kills me at the same time.

It’s so damn annoying where situations arise where you are the clear winner and the game just decides “nope, you lose” due to some absolutely stupid game mechanic designed to make the player base mad. I have countless examples of this being a problem in classic. Too many to write down. It can’t be that hard to code their game to say

If a player does damage to a mob first, they get the tag.

If a player casts an ability first, it goes off first.

If a player does any action before another player, or before another mob, that action goes first.

I know this rant is useless and blizzard takes feedback and criticism about as seriously as a billionaire taking financial advice from someone homeless but it’s true. I’m at my limit with this game. Remove spell batching. It’s cancer.


What I hate about spell batching is that it makes counterplay like juking interrupts pretty much impossible given how big the batch window is, it’s really depressing


I don’t appreciate you comparing something as trivial as a game function to real life cancer.


you assumed the risk when you starting playing again. everyone knew what the rules were before august 2019. also, imagine a rogue complaining when they can literally kill any lvl 60 naked because of stun lock.


“about as seriously as a billionaire taking financial advice from someone homeless”

I see your point. But wisdom is wisdom, regardless of income.

As to the spell batching, it’s great and annoying. It’s a must have for classic, but it does put into the register the actions in the priority upon which they go off. Basically, the mage beat you to the tag because he did the action first according to the server’s packets received.

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No, it really isn’t. It’s an archaic action processing system that Blizzard put a lot of effort into changing for a good reason.


Facts! 3 patients in our hospital died last week from spell batching.


What class were they?

…no it isn’t? Private servers played just fine without it.

Spell batching is just not necessary at all, and it’s re-creating something that did not need to be re-created. It was implemented in the first place so that people with awful connections could play the game, but internet connections aren’t awful anymore, so it’s just an artificial 400ms of latency that exists for no reason other than “muh #nochanges”.

Like, imagine if blizzard made the servers lag and crash and have 3-day downtimes just because “that’s how it was back in 2005”. That’s how dumb spell batching is. It’s stupid and detrimental to gameplay but was re-created in classic to please the “muh #nochanges” whiners.


Wot is spell batching?

It’s why a lot of things are buggy and why everything is unnecessarily laggy.

a few days ago I feral charged a rogue and by the time i was on him he was still able to restealth (note: restealth, not vanish) and open on me with cheap shot.

Okay I see what you are saying. It is not a “must” have then. But without it, the game would not play as similar as it did then.

The developers said there was a lag present in the original version where “two mages could polymorph each other at the same time and both be poly’d.” It’s even true that two rogues could sap each other at the same time. Without spell batching, that could not happen. And so a part of what could occur in vanilla (and even throughout BC and WOTLK), can occur in classic too.

It comes down to this: How far should the developers go to make classic play similar to vanilla? As much as I agree that spell batching does not need or “must” exist, it is a nice gameplay change that feels more similar to the play style of vanilla. And that, in itself, is good.

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dont you understand? they use spell batching as a spiteful way to spite us. its not like they dont know we hate it, i mean literally everyone has only been saying please remove spell batching since before this game even came out…


Have you ever played a rogue?

I agree. I’ve had spell batching with skinning as well. I’ll melee the dead min with the animation a few times until it will start to skin

Suspecting that the “Batching” thing some how prioritizes certain abilities over others since the system has to pick who got the action first on some things.

Long story short, the present batching system makes zero people happy and they should just get rid of it.

I am one of those people who thought it would be really cool and a good idea, but I repent, it was a mistake. BLIZZARD FORGIVE US, BATCHING SUCKS!

Did you play beta before/after it was implemented?

No, I have not played the classic beta, and don’t PTR because well just not all that interested. Why do you ask?

Batching was added very late in classic beta, it sucked as soon as it was added. The game generally felt much better and instantly changed after it was added.