Spell batching is complete cancer

so they do have a potential game state that could exist with out batching then. Not going to say it would be simple thing to change, its probly buried in there kinda deep in terms of what actions take place before others and stuff, and all that would need assignment? I don’t know.

All I’m saying is the batching we have in classic was added very late in beta so it should be very easy to also remove as it was never a part of classic from day one.

As for what it does? We don’t even really know, it’s not vanilla batching because we’re on a retail version of the server side code which has major changes to how batching works. They hacked 400ms batching into it.


I trust your judgment, its certainly different from the private servers that use the real vanilla client where the game play feels and plays like I remember it.

I know they were trying to preserve the whole double sheep double sap kinda thing but you can do that on the private servers too, it happens and that used the original client. It’s also a lot more rare on the private servers to end up in a situation where two rogues sap each other.

It is.

Every single bit of “evidence” that people have tried to use to prove it isn’t has been easily debunked. It’s Vanilla batching, pretending it isn’t when Blizzard knows it is, isn’t going to convince them to remove it.

It is literally not, the server engine classic is using is not the server engine of vanilla. Among some major upgrades was how batching worked. Blizzard tried to hack batching into it, they failed.

I always find it funny when people say this. Our stun lock is 9 seconds in the opener at most. Stun lock isn’t why Rogues can kill people naked. No poorly geared Rogue is dropping a well geared player in 9 seconds. It’s the blind, vanish, talented sprint, evasion, crippling poison and then pop prep and do it all again, that make us so annoying lol.

It’s literally the same. No one has been able to provide a single iota of evidence indicating that it is not functionally identical to Vanilla batching.

You mean other than the major server side changes made since vanilla?

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Problem is, they emulated the batching, which is why the devil is in the details. Only because we see certain spells/abilities take a prio on 1.13 does not mean it worked the same in vanilla, when they had a different batching system.

Which is why this is especially frustrating.


That makes sense, and also why it may just be better to go forward and eliminate the batching emulation in favor of a first come first server kinda system like they do with retail wow. Its a nice improvement and makes the game better in that one way for sure.

What I’d give to work at Blizzard for a month to see how they implemented vanilla to retail architecture migration and massaging the data to “fit”…

Likely what you would expect from a couple guys in a shed.

They literally told you in their own bluepost that its emulated and they recreated it.

This clearly states that 1.13 uses multiple game loops instead of the original singular one. All they did was put spells on low priority. Now while this may come close to original batching it is doubtful this system handles everything exactly the same as the original client did. Its just not trustworthy, considering what 1.13 else screwed up ever since its inception.

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Play a shaman and you will come to love batching
Imbue weaving is fun.

Every action that one unit takes upon another different unit is batched, just like they were in Vanilla.

Vendor interactions are batched on Classic. Are vendor interactions a spell?

Blue post telling you its not the same, while you still insist its the same :confused:

As usual you love to quote to blue posts that fit your narrative and ignore the ones that do not. Its perfectly possible the events OP described did not happen in vanilla while they do happen here.

Its easy to say “nobody has been able to prove it”… well yes because all the players have are super old videos that are a mashup at this point from the original game as well as various pservers and that probably will not show a scenario described like the one OP complained about.


Spell batching is everyone’s boogeyman.

The currentt classic spellbatching is not vanilla like. Rogues vanishing dots wasnt a thing in vanilla.

The Blue post doesn’t say that. I’m not going to argue this because I know I’m right and I know what you’re doing.

You are flat out wrong, we’re on a modern version of the server engine which has a significantly better version of batching than what existed in vanilla. The junk we have in classic was cludged into beta very very late and has no reason to exist at all.