Spell batching in classic

I decided today I will unsub too. Just playing out this last month then will wait for Lights Vengeance server to come up and transfer my Northdale char there.

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I really hope blizzard makes an adjustment. Maybe making the batching 200ms?

Then these behaviors we are experiencing will become an occasional occurrence (like vanilla) instead of a feature(like classic).

Also does anyone know of a spell batch timer add on?

One last thing. Does the artficial delay create a burst advantage with abilities off the gcd? I see warrior’s with the exact gear doing massively different bursts.

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Drop it to 20ms and the game play will be 100X better.



Can you imagine if there is one variable for that and all they would have to do is change one line of code to fix it. How mad would u be

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It’s def more than just the timing of the batch. They messes something up in the port to this new client and things happen in the wrong order or fail to be discarded once interrupted.

Yup, I notice every time I scatter shot a target that manages to finish a cast a full second AFTER the scatter shot lands.

I notice every time I put 1 to 2 whole global cools downs worth of damage into a scatter shot or freezing trap before it breaks from the damage.

Ditch the hunter already man. It’s so much more fun to play some other class now. I rarely even see hunters in the game anymore.


Ya know,… it’s sad that I should even need to consider it because playing a Hunter is what I love…

The fact that blizzard’s port to Modern WoW game engine makes that not practically really pisses me off.

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The whole game is sad. And we’re sad for still playing it.

Dude… this is EXACTLY the kind of garbage from Blizzard that causes players to build competitive options.

When they put forth a game who’s classes are not playing in the way that they did in “Vanilla” and call the thing Classic as in reference to the original Classic WoW AKA “Vanilla”, people tend to get a little hot under the collar and go other places.

I really would rather play on Blizzard servers playing a game I enjoy, but the fact that Hunter went from really good in actual Vanilla PVP due to the game playing in the correct way to … Classic wow where the order of operations is broken, and WORSE hodge podge leeeeeeeeway that was intended to correct for poor internet connections, this is where I am sorta pissed off about Classic WoW.

If blizzard would just DELETE leeway entirely and tighten up the batch full cycle to a max of 10ms, this game would be insanely good.

ADDITIONALLY the order of operations need to be observed… Example, if I scattershot a target that’s CLOSE to melee range, his melee attacks should not continue to land AFTER the scattershot lands…

This is not rocket science, it’s a video game… Professional AAA Game developers should be capable of easily fixing this kinda stuff. Not like we’re playing on an indy platform where the guy’s are in their brothers garage and have lots to learn regarding programming.


Amen. I can’t believe they messed up this badly.

RIP 10 char

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yeah… they’re being literalists about it…

Leeway was intended fully to compensate for bad internet connections so to make playing melee possible in Vanilla with that kind of crap internet quality that a lot of people had.

It was a mechanic never intended for the player base to know about; as a result you don’t see it on the private servers because NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT, because it was never intended to be noticed.

Looking at this logically it’s then remove Leeway in 2019 because it’s not needed.

Because Leeway exists, the game plays differently than it did in 2004.

Okay maybe this is ignorance on my part, but I’ve read people say stuff along the lines of: The problem is the new engine, they should have used the original client and upgraded it - but probably couldn’t due to the source code being lost.

Now it’s my understanding they wanted the new client/engine primarily so the game could be launched through the battle.net app, and likely for just general ease of management of the game.

I don’t think the issue was the source code being lost because if it was lost - where are all the private servers coming from? The pservers weren’t exactly perfect but they came pretty dang close. So what this says to me is they could have easily just made their own versions of private servers with upgrades and a better ability to cross reference ‘how it should be’ than pservers.

What about the ‘reference client’ - what is it exactly? Why couldn’t the ‘reference client’ just be the main client? - I don’t know.

I can reliably melee a target, then cast drain-life and be able to watch my character both channeling a drain while simultaneously hitting the enemy with my staff, lol. Batched attacks just don’t get discarded from the queue even if they should be.


You do realize that all the launcher does is run wow.exe. It’s been the same filename since day one. You could replace the current wow.exe with the old wow.exe and still run it from the launcher.

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Just because a source code is leaked years ago doesn’t mean the company still has it today.

Bingo. This is what we wanted.

This guy again. Adorable.

Feral range bug refutes your entire argument. Leeway would have completely masked it, but it was accurately measured to be 3 yards for Feral melee attacks/skills as opposed to the 5 it was intended to be.

Leeway only seems to impact me negatively if the enemy target is a player using a 2 hand weapon.

Feral, rogues and such don’t tend to hit me from any unreasonable distance.

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Yup… feelsbadman


You cannot use the Vanilla WoW.exe in Classic wow 2019, they’re entirely different my friend

Vanilla was a 32bit program, and Classic 2019 is a 64bit program.

Have a look or try it for yourself if you doubt.