Spell batching in classic

It’s not anti-classic rhetoric. If classic was even close to what it was supposed to be, I’d be happier than a pig in shyte. But the fact is, it’s not, and Blizzard could have easily released an exact duplicate of vanilla for us. Instead all we have is this botched up Legion client. It’s just a wannabe vanilla.

Then leave, none of the stuff you want to change will change. Cry all you might; just leave dude.

You’re not my mother. I will stay and cry forever.


Yes they are. They are referring to the client and the database data they recovered.

Wow, you really don’t know anything.


You’re clearly just a bliz fanboi who will say anything to defend your favorite corporation, even if it means lie through your teeth. Go back to retail m8 you are clueless.

The desperate ad-hominem attack from someone who has completely lost an argument.

That is correct. When you told me to cry and leave, that was you losing the argument.


What we need is an addon that shows the server ticks. Like weapon swing timer, we would be able to time our abilities to not clip with the server ticks.

It wont be perfect, but it will help us see a clearer picture as to what is going on, and allow us to play around the problems.

If they wont fix it, we will have to adapt.

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This is also my theory. The legion version of wow was what introduced the new animations and overhauls of all the classes and specs. So I think they are trying to use the legion client to mirror vanilla wow but the animations and skills they’re trying to mirror with it aren’t feeling like they used to because the legion client was built around these new animations. It’s also why I think private servers feel more vanilla like than classic does, because they used an actual client of vanilla wow so everything feels much better than blizzards system.


Very good point.

It could be one of many things but I agree with you, it starts with the legion client

Talking to a couple friends who still play Modern wow Specifically for arena because they’re addicted to the arena…

They have said that since WoD the servers have been laggy and feel bad, and there is a lot of stuff that should be possible but is no longer possible because of the server lag.

I did not know about this till today…

Sooooooooo what this could mean is that their servers are crap due to being non-bespoke servers… This is also why Vanilla and Private servers likely felt better because you had a direct line to the system where as in Modern wow & Classic it’s a system that’s scalable… Want an example of that Microsoft Azure servers are what I am familiar with and they’re a scalable solution that a lot of MS based games are supported on, as the demand of the server goes up more resources (processes, memory, bandwidth) are allocated.

This is a very robust way to build a platform, but it’s not all roses and sweetsauce, the price to pay is in a certain “Crisp” feeling you get on a real hardware based server, because these modern servers Blizzard uses are likely VM’s (Virtual machines).

Because of that it may never actually be possible for Blizzard to truly provide a Vanilla experience in regard to the sort of crisp and precision game play we’re looking for PVP side of things.

The PVE guys who’re at the top of their game… Talking 97% percentile and better raiders MIGHT notice this in healing and that’s about it…

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Resists also appear to be spellbatched …


Whoa, that’s some odd combat log… I have never looked at the resist side of things…

Spell batching is a complete joke and adds pointless artificial lag into the game. You’re telling me that 15 years ago my crappy computer and crappy internet connection wasn’t the reason why I would see heals go off but a player die… flags drop and be picked up without seeing it at all… and most of all the extra hard delay between being flagged as inside or outside.


Blizzard deserves to pity, ID software did 10X more with 1/10Th the hardware.

Additionally games like Quake ran better and more fluid and no clunky half second batching.

Don’t worry, some one will undoubtedly say “but MMORPG”…

No, that makes no difference…

Current batching configuration makes the classic play experience feel like playing in sludge.
Dont get me wrong i have played on 250ms / 300ms for years. this isnt that feeling.


Yup,this is worse than playing vanilla with a bad connection.

Nostalrius felt 10x better than this. I won’t be resubscribing.

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Yeah the batching system in this Classic 2019 does not play “Vanilla” to me either, something is off.

I never played on that server, but I have played on another for a day and it was really good.

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